Closeout Sails

Closeout Windsurfing Sails: Choose from a wide variety of last season's sails at deep discounts with free shipping. We have closeouts from Ezzy Sails, Gaastra Sails, Severne and also have staff demos barely used for the right price!
  • 2016 Gaastra Manic HD

    $299 for last 4.0 & 4.2. This sail exceeds in bump-n-jump and wave sailing environments. Features X-ply construction and convertible batten.

    From: $299.00

  • 2018 Gaastra Hybrid HD

    Now 20% off. This freeride sail is ideal for intermediate to advance sailors looking for versatile performance.

    From: $399.00

  • 2018 Gaastra Matrix HD

    25% off. High performance no-cam Freeride for everyone, has a refined outline and profile for 2018.

    From: $501.75

  • 2016 Gaastra Vapor PWA Slalom

    $349 for last 9.6 and 9.8 sizes. Gaastra Vapor 2016– is a no-compromise full racing machine. 8 battens, 4 cams and race winning performance.

    From: $349.00

  • 2018 North Super Session HD

    30% off in stock sizes. This HD sail targets maximizing performance for bump-n-jump, wave riding and freewave sailing control and maneuverability.

    From: $468.00

  • 2018 North Super Hero HD

    30% off in stock sizes. A universal 4 batten wave sail optimizing control and transitions in waves and bump-n-jump conditions.

    From: $532.00

  • 2018 North E.Type HD

    30% off in stock sizes. A No-Cam Freeride blaster that's Norths fastest ever at delivering power, acceleration and easy handling – HD version.

    From: $503.00

  • 2018 Severne NCX

    Now 30% off. A freerace no-cam sail for riders seeking speed, stability and wind range with minimal rigging hassles. Monofilm construction.

    From: $531.00

  • 2018 Severne Gator

    Now 30% off. This is a plug-n-play crossover no-cam sail targets freewave, freemove and freeride use.

    From: $524.00

  • 2018 Severne Freek

    Now 30% off. Dedicated freestyle sail to optimize the performance demands of recreational and professional tricksters alike!

    From: $496.00

  • 2018 Severne Blade

    Now 30% off. A no compromise all round bump-n-jump / Wave sail that's built to perform and last! Full x-ply construction.

    From: $517.00

  • 2018 Ezzy Cheetah

    $160-$170 less than a 2019. (Which is the same sail with new colors) Powerful freeride no-cam flat water performance sail with deep draft, speed, easy rotation and rigging, exceptional build quality.

    From: $663.00

  • 2018 Ezzy Zeta

    Now 20% off. This versatile design is Light and responsive and ideal for wave, bump-n-jump and freeride sailing

    From: $584.00

  • 2017 Ezzy Zeta

    35% off last 3.7m2. Light, responsive and ideal for wave, bump-n-jump & freeride sailing.

    From: $449.00

  • 2018 Ezzy Elite

    $152 to $164 less than a 2019. Wave / bump-n-jump all-rounder that's a perfect choice for every kind of condition. Updated for 2018 with split tack panel to get better warp alignment along luff and foot.

    From: $576.00

  • 2017 Ezzy Elite

    35% off. New and improved wave / bump-n-jump allrounder is light, easy to rig and a more refined 4 batten sail. FREE shipping!

    From: $449.00

  • 2017 Ezzy Elites Used

    $339 - $399. These lightly used Elite sails are in very good to excellent condition. Minor blemishes, wear areas determine assigned conditional ratings.

    From: $299.00

  • 2017 Gaastra Vapor Slalom

    $429 for last 9.6. Premier PWA slalom race sail – updated for 2017 to help you reach the podium and win races.

    From: $429.00