Closeout Sails

Closeout Windsurfing Sails: Choose from a wide variety of last season's sails at deep discounts with free shipping. We have closeouts from Ezzy Sails, Gaastra Sails, Severne and also have staff demos barely used for the right price!
  • 2016 Ezzy Elite

    20% off. The refined bump-n-jump / wave sail that's smoother and even more maneuver friendly. Two new sizes of 6.4, 6.8 added for 2016.

    From: $536.00

  • 2015/16 Ezzy Tiger

    20% Off! Refined 2015/16 design the Ezzy Tiger targets classic power, stability, and durability ideal for gusty / high wind conditions.

    From: $560.00

  • 2016 Gaastra Manic HD

    30% off.This sail exceeds in bump-n-jump and wave sailing environments. Features X-ply construction and convertible batten.

    From: $438.00

  • 2016 Gaastra Matrix HD

    20% off last 6.5's. This no-cam freeride X-ply sail combines power & speed with maneuverability. A versatile, light & durable performance freeride sail.

    From: $519.00

  • 2016 Gaastra Phantom

    Closeout. This improved Freeride / Freerace 2 cam sail targets accessible speed, stability, and wind range.

    From: $680.00

  • 2016 Gaastra Vapor PWA Slalom

    Final Closeout. Further reductions. Gaastra Vapor 2016– is a no-compromise full racing machine. 8 battens, 4 cams and race winning performance.

    From: $699.00

  • 2015 Ezzy Panther Elite

    40% off last 4.0. This 3rd generation Ezzy Elite provides further refinements for incredible wave and bump-n-jump performance.

    From: $413.00

  • 2015 Ezzy Panther Elite Demo

    40% off last 3.7m2 demo. Demo Ezzy Elite -used twice virtually perfect.

    From: $408.00

  • 2016 Ezzy Elite Demos

    25-30% off Shop Demo Sails in near new condition. Exceptional 4 batten bump-n-jump / wave sails!

    From: $510.00

  • 2016 Ezzy Taka 2 Demos

    Demo 4.1, 4.5, 5.0, 45% off! This refined three batten wave sail with improved stability and range.

    From: $434.50

  • Neil Pryde Atlas 5.0 Used

    Used Pryde Atlas 5.0 in B+ very good condition. Shipping not included. Sale is final, No Returns.