Closeout Booms

Closeout Windsurfing Booms from RRD, Chinook and Maui Sails. Save up to 30% on prior years graphics and in many cases the booms are identical to this year's offerings other than the grip! Free shipping on many as well!
  • RRD Flow Boom

    Special Price. New Flow boom features 29mm grip T-8 aluminum for excellent value and durability - ideal for beginner to intermediate riders.

    From: $149.00

  • RRD V Carbon V2

    $549 for 140-190cm. RRD Pre-Preg Carbon V2 delivers the Ultimate in boom performance, stiffness, comfort and durability. 27mm grip.

    From: $549.00

  • Aeron Carbon Pre-Preg 230-290cm

    Final Closeout $799. Slalom / Race Carbon boom – stiff and strong pre-preg Carbon – designed for the demands of large sails. 30mm grip area.

    From: $799.00

  • Chinook Kids Boom 80-130cm

    Proven Comp FBE design. Fits RDM masts, 80 to 130cm range, 26mm grip.

    From: $59.00