Closeout Booms

Closeout Windsurfing Booms from RRD, Chinook and Maui Sails. Save up to 30% on prior years graphics and in many cases the booms are identical to this year's offerings other than the grip! Free shipping on many as well!
  • RRD M T9 Monocoque V2

    Closeout. RRD M-V2 delivers the top of line AL T9 construction to provide exceptional Wave to Freerace performance, stiffness and durability

    From: $199.00

  • RRD MR T9 Monocoque V2

    Closeout. MR V2 - 26mm Monocoque T-9 Aluminum Boom from RRD with 60cm adjustment range. & 2 sizes to choose from.

    From: $209.00

  • Chinook Pro 1 Alloy

    15% off. Monocoque body, articulating head, adjustment markings, snap-in RDM adapter. Everything you want.

    From: $233.00

  • Chinook Pro 1 Carbon

    Save compared to 2017 version. Super stiff, strong & light weight. Boom body shapes vary by size to match modern sail designs. Made in the USA.

    From: $689.00

  • Maui Sails Carbon

    15% off in stock sizes. Super stiff, comfortable and strong carbon booms feature; New boom grip, coated adjustment pins and sizes. 130 & 140 sizes include RDM shim.

    From: $629.85