Closeout Harnesses

Closeout Windsurfing Harnesses
  • 2016 DaKine T-7

    20% off in stock sizes/colors. Comfort, control and durability continue to make the T-7 the most desirable waist harness in windsurfing history.

    From: $176.00

  • 2016 DaKine Hybrid NRG

    40% off in stock sizes/colors. The Hybrid is compact and and comfort oriented. Ideal for aggressive rider sailing styles.

    From: $108.00

  • 2016 DaKine Reflex

    20% off last XL. Lightweight seat harness with adjustable hook height - minimalist harness. Hook height lower than the XT.

    From: $104.00

  • 2016 DaKine Wahine

    50% off in stock colors/sizes. Dakine's female waist harness – with dual sport versatility, support and comfort.

    From: $85.00

  • 2015 DaKine Wahine

    $74 for last Medium black in stock. Women's waist harness with built in spreader bar pad and dual sport (windsurf & kite) design.

    From: $74.00

  • 2016 Gaastra G6

    50% off. Gaastra Waist harness – the G6 is loaded with features and comes with "Buckle-Up" spreader-bar system.

    From: $109.50

  • 2016 Gaastra Rider Seat

    50% off. Gaastra Seat harness – the RIDER is very comfortable with medium spreader bar height.

    From: $69.50