Closeout Rigs

Closeout Windsurfing Rigs: Deep discounts on remaining prior years complete windsurfing rigs including free shipping to your door.
  • 2019 Gaastra Hybrid HD Rig

    25% off. Complete Intermediate Rig package features Gaastra Hybrid HD sail, carbon RDM mast, T-8 AL boom and more. Includes shipping.

    From: $824.25

  • RRD Compact Evolution MK1 Rig

    20% off 6.8m2 size. Performance Freeride compact travel rig. Fits in a back pack & includes: EVO sail, 80% carbon mast, boom, ext, backpack, shipping.

    From: $1,151.00

  • RRD Compact Wave HD Rig

    $999. Travel Performance Wave Rig. Fits in a back pack for ultimate portable performance. Includes: sail, 80% carbon mast, boom, ext, backpack w/ wheels, shipping.

    From: $999.00

  • 2018 Starboard Windsup Compact Rig

    $649 for 6.5m2 size. Ideal recreational travel rig for inflatable windsup / windsurf boards. Ultra compact and new size offering.

    From: $649.00

  • 2018 RRD Easy Ride MK6 Rig

    Only one 5.5 Fuchsia left !This is the perfect Windsurfing rig for learning and rapid progression. Easyride MK6 complete rig is simple, easy and user friendly. Shipping included.

    From: $589.00