Closeout Wetsuits

Closeout Windsurfing Wetsuits: Deep discounts on prior years wetsuits from Neil Pryde and O'Neill.
  • 2018 NP Combat FZ 5/4 Demo

    Worn once. Was a little too small for our owner.. Front zip 5.4.3 full suit steamer – with extreme warmth this hybrid steamer is Ultra flexible, comfortable and lightweight.

    From: $361.00

  • 2015 NP Eclipse Semidry 5/4/3

    $299! This is a very warm Semi-dry suit that provides excellent flexibility and insulation in cold weather conditions.

    From: $299.00

  • 2015 NP Nexus Semidry 4/3

    $219! The 4/3 full is ideal for cooler water and air temps where greater insulation and protection are required.

    From: $219.00

  • 2016 NP Nexus Semi-Dry 5/4

    $249! This is an excellent 5/4/3 wetsuit that provides necessary warmth, thickness and insulation for cold weather use.

    From: $239.00

  • O'Neill Psycho 1 Zen-Zip 3/2 FSW

    Sale 24% off This is a high-performance 3/2 wetsuit that's loaded with features to maximize performance in a cool water full wetsuit.

    From: $249.95