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Modern mast track base with EP upper pin
This modern Mast track Base is ideal for the newest design race boards that feature sliding mast track systems. This version has a track pin bottom and a Euro Pin top to work with EP base extension systems.

Modern mast track pin lower
Chafe pad to minimise damage on the board as the sail is being rotated.
Large metal washer under pins for increased durability by preventing point loading.
Low profile design - for optimum control.
High Quality tendon used by most high level professional sailors.
Euro Pin upper - works with modern EP base extensions.

*Works in modern Cobra Mast track systems of following boards:
Kona Carb-One
Neil Pryde RSX board
Starboard Phantom 377, 380 295, and other 2005 and newer models with sliding mast track systems.
Exocet RS 380 Elite and prior model race models 2005 and newer.

This Will Not fit the older Mistral mast tracks of years 1998 and prior. It doesn't latch in the car mechanism.

* Special note - The EP upper pin - Is Not Compatible with the modern Bic Auto mastfoot Upper - EP. #BP30648 (doesn't lock into Upper).



Sliding Mast Track Base EP

Euro-pin Base fits new generation race boards with sliding mast tracks.

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