Demo & Used Gear

Demo Windsurfing Gear: Here you will find gear used only by our shop staff. This gear is generally used for only one season in Wisconsin where it does not get used as much as we would like it to...and then offered at deep discounts!
  • 2017 RRD Freestyle Wave V4 LTD

    50% off sailed Once. 96 Liter LTD edition. New compact design Freestyle Wave V4 features Cotan nose, 2 slot box & main power box, LTD construction. One small repair.

    From: $1,499.00

  • 2009 Ezzy Wave Panther Used

    Used Wave Panthers – in A- to B condition. Incredibly light, strong and performance bump-n-jump wave sails.

    From: $225.00

  • Fast Forward C100 RDM Used

    Used RDM 100% carbon masts in excellent condition. Made in Italy. 400, 430 sizes.

    From: $225.00

  • 2001 Starboard Surf 89 Used

    Classic Starboard Surf 89 – in great condition – Dram construction and includes 2 fins.
  • 2018 Ezzy Elite Demos

    $379-$408. Wave / bump-n-jump all-rounder that's a perfect choice for every kind of condition.

    From: $379.00

  • 2017 Ezzy Elites Used

    $299 any size. These lightly used Elite sails are in very good to excellent condition. Minor blemishes, wear areas determine assigned conditional ratings.

    From: $299.00

  • MFC FPT 22 Wave Fin US

    Classic FPT - Wave and bump-n-jump fin that's Glass and new condition. 22 cm US/ A base.
  • MFC 2K Wave 21 A used

    Classic 2k - Wave and bump-n-jump fin that's G10 and new condition. 21 cm US/ A base.
  • MFC Freewave 23cm A used

    FreeWave and bump-n-jump fin that's G10 and lightly used. 23 cm US/ A base.