Ezzy RDM Masts

Ezzy RDM windsurfing masts are built to the highest standard in Europe. Ezzy's unique mix and match system of separate mast tops and bottoms allows you to fine tune bend curves and lengths of your masts to precisely fit your sails. Their bomber RDM construction and low weights make them a solid investment for years to come.
  • Ezzy Performance RDM 90

    10% off. The perfect blend of RDM performance & durability. 91% carbon. Includes padded mastbag.

    From: $449.10

  • Ezzy RDM 90 Section

    10% off. Options to purchase RDM mast sections only. Top or bottom sections to maximize Ezzy sail performance.

    From: $224.55

  • Ezzy RDM XT 60

    10% off. New RDM mast from Ezzy is 60% carbon and perfect for Ezzy sails. Durable, interchangeable sections and excellent value

    From: $277.20

  • Ezzy RDM XT 60 Section

    New RDM XT mast sections from Ezzy are 60% carbon and interchangeable with all Ezzy masts back to yr. 2000.

    From: $138.60

  • Ezzy RDM Padded Mast Bag

    Ezzy Padded mast bag for RDM mast's only.

    From: $30.00