Ezzy Sails

Ezzy Sails

Ezzy Sails has been producing premium performance windsurfing sails since 1993. Sail designer and owner David Ezzy has been an influential and pioneering windsurfing sail designer from his early beginnings in 1983 to the present. A North Sails designer from 1985 to 1992, he quickly rose from head of Wave sail designs to chief sail designer in a span of 2 years. In 1993 he began his own sail company Ezzy Sails to allow for greater freedom in design, production and quality control he believed imperative to high quality windsurfing sails. Central to Ezzy sails is quality construction that is not only durable – but extremely functional, light weight and performance driven. A trend setter – not a trend follower, David Ezzy's sails are built to last without sacrificing performance. Their motto - “because we love windsurfing” says it all! Ezzy sails are designed and tested in Maui and built in SriLanka.

Isthmus Sailboards has been a strong supporter of Ezzy Sails since his first year in business in 1993. We were the first dealer in the nation to sell his sails. Our commitment to Ezzy Sails is based on: sail designs, performance range, quality of materials and construction, attention to detail, functional designs, and David's dedication to his employees well being. We stock his complete sail and mast range. Ezzy Lion, Cheetah, Zephyr, Legacy, Zeta, Elite, Taka, Hydra, complete Ezzy Kids Rig, Hookipa RDM mast range and accessories. For all of your Ezzy Sails needs – contact Isthmus Sailboards!

Ezzy Sails feature unique SpectraX-ply sail cloth, Endo Battens, rigged and tuned at factory, adjustable top haul system on all sail models, a wide range of mast brand compatibility and much more. Here's a summary of Ezzy products. The Ezzy Lion is a 7 batten performance camber induced sail recognized for its freeride / slalom type performance and removable and mast friendly compatible cam system. The Ezzy Cheetah is a 6-7 batten performance no-cam freeride sail – known for power, stability and range. The Ezzy Zephyr is a 7.5 meter 6 batten freeride sail with power and range of 6.5-8.5 and ideal for modern performance long boards and windsup boards. The Legacy is a 5-6 batten no-cam freewave / freeride sail designed to appeal to a broad range of performance riders, with light weight and value at its core. The Ezzy Zeta is a 5 batten freewave / wave design that targets power and stability ideal for high winds, bump-n-jump and on shore wave sailing conditions. The Ezzy Elite is a 4 batten all round wave and bump-n-jump sail that favors wave riding and neutral friendly transitions ideal for a wide range of windsurfing styles and conditions. The Ezzy Taka is 3 batten sail designed as a dedicated down-the-line wave sail ideal for aggressive wave sailing. The Ezzy Hydra is a Windfoiling specific sail design ideal for freeride windfoil riding. The Ezzy Kids Rig are complete sail kits that are easy to assemble, very light weight and ideal for promoting successful beginnings to the sport of windsurfing. The Ezzy mast are RDM (reduced diameter masts) and Ho'okipa contains 91% carbon, or XT contains 60% carbon and are both ideal for Ezzy Sails and built to withstand the demands of Ho'okipa, Maui wave impact zone.
  • 2018 Ezzy Elite Used

    Up to 40% off. Wave / bump-n-jump all-rounder that's a perfect choice for every kind of condition. Updated for 2018 with split tack panel to get better warp alignment along luff and foot.

    From: $369.00

  • 2019 Ezzy Elite Used

    Up to 40% off A 4 batten sail with tremendous range, durability and lightness. It's a Powerful / Maneuver friendly design ideal for wave – bump-n-jump use!

    From: $429.00

  • 2020 Ezzy Hydra Pro

    New Hydra Pro, targets windfoilers looking for the ultimate Free-foiling performance sail. Ultra light, strong, early power, range and control.

    From: $774.95

  • 2020 Ezzy Cheetah

    New Cheetah with X-ply window is lighter, faster with quicker acceleration. A no-cam performance freeride sail with a huge wind range.

    From: $814.95

  • 2020 Ezzy Wave

    New Wave is ultra-maneuverable, lightweight, with more power and stability. It's ideal for all wave and bump conditions and locations.

    From: $754.95

  • 2020 Ezzy Lion

    The New Lion – Lightest and most versatile Ezzy 2-cam freeride sail to date.

    From: $824.95

  • 2020 Ezzy Hydra Sport

    The new 2020 Hydra Sport, for windsurfers who want to foil with a more traditional sail.
    Ultra light, ultra strong, GREAT for foiling AND regular windsurfing.

    From: $744.95

  • 2019 Ezzy Hydra

    15% off. This new foil specific windsurfing sail targets big range – small size - light weight and fun windfoiling!

    From: $633.00

  • 2019-20 Ezzy Zeta

    A powerful on-shore wave, bump-n-jump, high wind sail design with huge wind range and control. Light weight and easy maneuverability.

    From: $726.95

  • 2020 Ezzy Legacy

    This is a freeride / freewave no cam sail – loaded with features, X-ply construction, Ezzy legendary build quality, design and value!

    From: $595.00

  • 2019 Ezzy Elite

    15% off. A 4 batten sail with tremendous range, durability and lightness. It's a Powerful / Manuever Friendly design ideal for wave – bump-n-jump use!

    From: $616.00

  • 2019 Ezzy Lion

    15% off A no-hassle 2 cam convertible sail. The Lion 4 is light, powerful, fast and easy to use. No Monofilm and RDM and SDM compatible.

    From: $735.00

  • Ezzy Zephyr

    A No Cam freeride sail that has the power of an 8.5 and the control of a 6.5.

    From: $659.95

  • 2020 Ezzy Legacy Rig

    Ezzy Legacy performance rig package provides excellent performance and value! Includes Aeron T9 AL boom, GT 60 rdm carbon mast, rig accessories & Shipping.

    From: $1,159.00

  • 2019 Ezzy Zephyr Rig

    Amazing performance rig in light to moderate wind conditions. Includes: T-9 boom, carbon mast, rig accessories & Ship inclusion.

    From: $1,365.00

  • Ezzy Dacron Kids Rig

    The ideal kids rig. Dacron version of the best kids rig on the planet, aids durability and visibility. 1.0 / 1.5 or 2.0 / 2.5 size quiver options.

    From: $324.95

  • Ezzy Sail Pulley

    The ultimate tack pulley. Tired of your ropes jumping rollers? This stainless pulley is the solution. Ideal for Legacy sail.