Starboard Wing Set S-Type 2400 w/Mast Set Carbon

Starboard Wing Set S-Type 2400 w/Mast Set Carbon

F4 Wind Wing Lightwind 2500 Alu Foil

F4 Wind Wing Lightwind 2500 Alu Foil

F4 Wind Wing Lightwind 2000 Alu Foil

The Wingfoil 2000 AL is user friendly wing foiling set that fosters growth and performance in light to moderate winds. Carbon wings, Alloy mast, Pedestal mount, Hardware and Bag included.
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F4 Foils – Lightwind Wingfoil 2000 Set w/AL Mast - Early Lift, Easy, Fun and User friendly!
The F4 Foils are state of the art Hydrofoils designed and developed in the US. The Lightwind Wing series are designed for optimized wing-foiling efficiency and user friendliness. Great performance for wingfoiling in light winds and learning. These wings combine early lift with excellent stability and control. The 2000 is a great foil for learning, slow and stable but turns and carves excellent due to its size. It delivers very gradual lift/ speed slope so you can keep your feet in place at a range of speeds.
The Lightwind Wing AL Set includes an alloy mast and is supplied with a Pedestal mount adapter. This allows you the ability to connect to modern Track box found on most Wingfoil and Sup foiling boards. What is Unique about F4 is the modular capabilities of their foils to provide you with the ultimate groundwork for expansion – i.e. - Carbon mast, larger and smaller front and rear wings, shorter mast, box type adaptability. The F4 designs will not only foster early success but also long term growth. Discover why F4 is a premium quality, performance foil for all levels to grow and optimize foiling success for the long term!

Features of F4 Lightwind Wing 2000 AL Set:
- Lightwind Wing Foil Set.
- Hi-modulus Carbon Front Wing and Rear stabilizer.
- 2000 cm2 front wing.
- 340 cm2 rear Stabilizer wing.
- Alloy Fuselage 70 cm – Strong, Stiff and Stable.
- Alloy Mast 85 cm.
- Includes Pedestal base mount.
- Modular capable foil set: allows growth to change foil, mast, fuse size with future needs.
- Protective padded bag for the foil.
- Mounting Torx Stainless screw sets and wrench included.

2000 Light-wind Wing Foil Specs:
Front Wing - Carbon = 2000 cm2 surface area.
Rear Stabilizer - Carbon = 340 cm2 surface area.
Fuselage - Alloy = 70 cm
Mast - Alloy = 85 cm length.
Pedestal Mount – Alloy.

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