Fanatic Boards

Fanatic Boards

Fanatic has been building premium windsurfing boards for over three decades. Founded in 1981 it has been at the forefront of development and quality. Isthmus Sailboard is excited to offer Fanatic boards to our customers. Our selection of offerings will address a wide range of board categories including: FreeWave, FreeMove, Performance Freeride, Freerace / Slalom / Windfoiling through Entry Level models.

Fanatic is synonymous with Windsurfing history. Through a strong branding and providing the industry with high-end quality windsurfing products since 1981, Fanatic continues to deliver consumers with innovation boards that drive an "Addicted to Ride" mantra. They pride themselves on constant evolution, bringing this to life through the creation of new concepts, ideas, and technological standards. Current master board shaper Sebastian Wenzel has pioneered the use of CAD technology for more than 10 years. Cad designed boards provide consumers with consistent, immaculate and ingenious shapes. This is achieved through their process of CAD designing, R&D, Team testing and revisions on to the final production process. This allows the consumers to reap the benefits of the brand / models from start to finish. The construction techniques are also an evolutionary process that Fanatic continues to develop and modify for maximum performance, quality and consumer dependability.

Isthmus Sailboards has valuable insight and experience with Fanatic dating back to its early beginnings. Having been in the windsurfing business for over 30 years, we are always interested in offering the widest selection, quality, value and performance gear to our customers. For these reasons we are excited to include Fanatic to our product offerings for this season. The models we're offering include: FreeWave STB, Skate, Jag, Gecko, Falcon and Viper. These will be available in a variety of construction offerings as well that include; High Resistance Skin (HRS), Bamboo Sandwich Light Technology (BOS/LT), Innegra Carbon/ Basalt Cork Sandwich (IC /BSLT /LF), Biax Glass Sandwich Light Finish (BGS/LF), Custom Wood Sandwich Light Finish (CWS/LF), Innegra Carbon Light Finish (IC/LF). We will add models and constructions to meet demands of our customers. Call us for more info and the latest innovations and arrivals from Fanatic.
  • 2018 Fanatic FreeWave STBA

    40% off. A shorter wider Freewave - Stubby provides quick planing, acceleration and maneuverability in all freewave type conditions.

    From: $1,199.00

  • 2018 Fanatic Skate TE

    35% off. Ultimate Freestyle board for limitless possibilities. Designed for 7x world champion Gollito Estredo.

    From: $1,499.00

  • 2018 Fanatic Gecko

    30% off. A user friendly freemove board that provides great stability, easy planing, jibing and large wind range.

    From: $999.00

  • 2019 Fanatic Jag LTD

    20% off. Freerace designed for real world open water speed with great jibing qualities. Includes fin, equiped with Foil Box. LTD construction

    From: $1,599.00

  • 2019 Fanatic FreeWave STB TE

    20% off. Innovative shape Freewave design provides a new level of versatility in everything from flatwater to waves. TE Construction.

    From: $1,879.00

  • 2019 Fanatic FreeWave STB TeXtreme

    20% off. Innovative shape Freewave design provides a new level of versatility in everything from flatwater to waves. Textreme Construction.

    From: $2,239.00

  • 2019 Fanatic Viper Soft Deck

    30% off. The Viper board is ideal for entry to intermediate windsurfers looking for easy learning success and advanced skill development.

    From: $1,099.00