• 2019 Ezzy Hydra

    15% off. This new foil specific windsurfing sail targets big range – small size - light weight and fun windfoiling!

    From: $633.00

  • RRD Freefoil Y25

    Sale Price New windfoiling sail from RRD. Designed to be fun, easy to use, lightweight and very efficient. Great design - foiling made easy!

    From: $699.00

  • 2020 Ezzy Hydra Sport

    The new 2020 Hydra Sport, for windsurfers who want to foil with a more traditional sail.
    Ultra light, ultra strong, GREAT for foiling AND regular windsurfing.

    From: $744.95

  • 2020 Ezzy Hydra Pro

    New Hydra Pro, targets windfoilers looking for the ultimate Free-foiling performance sail. Ultra light, strong, early power, range and control.

    From: $774.95