Free Race

Free Race

The Free Race / slalom windsurfing board category focuses on fast speeds, fast jibes and fin driven performance. We offer designs from RRD, Starboard, Fanatic, JP and Exocet. Free Race category boards include slalom race and speed freeride designs. These shapes are a bit more technical to sail vs. performance freeride boards, and ideal for drag racing with your buddies, GPS speed checks, and racing. The board shapes combine light and stiff constructions, sharp rails, bottom tail cut outs, and aggressive footstrap positions. If your need for speed is great - Free race and Slalom class of boards deliver exceptional performance.
  • RRD X-Fire Ltd V10

    World Cup Slalom racing performance designs to put you on the podium.Windfoil box sizes for increased versatility. LTD Construction.

    From: $2,099.00

  • 2018 Starboard iSonic Slalom

    These Slalom race machines are the lightest and incredibly fast boards – for no-compromise performance. Foil capable 117 + sizes. Carbon Reflex construction.

    From: $2,699.00

  • 2018 Starboard Futura

    These fast freeride boards provide early planing efficiency, a large controllable wind range. L.C.F construction.

    From: $2,199.00

  • 2017 RRD X-Fire Ltd V9

    30% off! New V9 with harmonic outlines for maximizing Slalom race performance with more comfort and user friendliness- amazingly fast!

    From: $1,819.00

  • 2017 Starboard iSonic

    Final Closeout $2239 for last 117L Reflex Carbon. All new Isonics are fast racing slalom machines. Designed with greater comfort and faster jibing exiting speeds.

    From: $2,239.00

  • 2017 RRD Fire Storm Ltd V4

    20% off. The new V4 is a super fast freeride board to maximize speed and maintain control. LTD construction.

    From: $1,679.00

  • 2017 RRD Fire Storm Wood V4

    20% off. The new V4 is a super fast freeride board to maximize speed and maintain control. WOOD construction.

    From: $1,639.00

  • 2016 RRD Fire Storm V3 W-Tech

    Was $2049 now $1199. The new Firestorm V3 is uncompromised speed freeride excitement. 30% faster then V2. Wood version.

    From: $1,199.00