Free Race

Free Race

The Free Race / slalom windsurfing board category focuses on fast speeds, fast jibes and fin driven performance. We offer designs from RRD, Starboard, Fanatic, JP and Exocet. Free Race category boards include slalom race and speed freeride designs. These shapes are a bit more technical to sail vs. performance freeride boards, and ideal for drag racing with your buddies, GPS speed checks, and racing. The board shapes combine light and stiff constructions, sharp rails, bottom tail cut outs, and aggressive footstrap positions. If your need for speed is great - Free race and Slalom class of boards deliver exceptional performance.

Isthmus Exclusive Shipping Protection

Every board sold that ships from our warehouse is double boxed.

What do you mean you double box my Board?

Basically, we protect your board with an additional layer of thick cardboard on top of what is provided by the manufacturer. This exclusive process takes roughly an additional 25 minutes of time and $45 of cardboard to prepare and protect your shipment. We provide this service at no additional cost to you!

  • 2019 RRD X-Fire Ltd V11

    25% off. The most awarded slalom racing boards on the PWA world tour – 4 new shapes – stunning finish and refined LTD construction.

    From: $1,649.00

  • 2019 Fanatic Jag LTD

    20% off. Freerace designed for real world open water speed with great jibing qualities. Includes fin, equiped with Foil Box. LTD construction

    From: $1,599.00

  • 2019 Starboard iSonic

    34% off. Slalom Race boards that are user friendly and top tier professional performance oriented designs. Carbon Reflex.

    From: $1,999.00

  • Tricktionary 3 Book

    This incredible Windsurfing book is important to have and study for windsurfers of every level! Volume 3 – latest and greatest instruction.