Freestyle windsurfing boards are designed to maximize flat water jumps, spins, radical jibes, transitions and aerial maneuvers. These board designs target aggressive oriented sailors. Freestyle boards allow ease of use, accessibility and confidence to riders attempting new tricks. Light weight constructions, short fins and inset footstrap positions and forgiving shapes are common on these designs. They work particularly well in flat water sailing conditions, and deliver surprising early planing and speed qualities. We offer Freestyle boards from RRD, Starboard and JP.
  • 2018 Fanatic Skate TE

    20% off remaining stock. Ultimate Freestyle board for limitless possibilities. Designed for 7x world champion Gollito Estredo.

    From: $1,839.00

  • 2017 Fanatic Skate

    $1399 for last 100 Liter size! This Classic freestyle design accommodates newbie freestylers and all round riding fun!

    From: $1,399.00

  • 2017 Fanatic Skate TE

    Final closeout $1599 . The current World Champion Freestyle board of choice for limitless possibilities.

    From: $1,599.00