Horue Windfoiling Gear

Isthmus Sailboards has the largest selection of Windfoiling boards and foils from Horue in the USA. Discounted shipping too! Horue is a leading pioneer of windfoiling gear in Europe. With over 6 years of windfoiling production under their belt – they have learned a lot about what really works in this relatively new sport. Designed, tested and built in France, Horue boards and foils are top of the line carbon construction to ensure maximum performance and ultimate light weight efficiency.
The Horue Tiny Windfoiling boards are compact shapes the are under 215 cm in length and 78cm widths that focus on both foiling maneuverability, performance and control. 120, 110 sizes are the most popular while smaller version are available to order. Extremely light weight and beautiful designs and finish. The also perform remarkably well as freeride boards with standard fins. windfoil box that are Deep Tuttle and carbon fiber boxes for maximum quality and performance.
The Vini Windfoils are 100% carbon (carbon tri-ax) and available in several front wing sizes: XLW, LW, and cruising (higher wind use) wings. Floating design – increases volume and float and enables these foils to lift you into windfoiling mode with little effort. Impeccable build quality.
We will also stock Windfoil boxes and spare parts from Horue.
Feel free to contact us at Isthmus Sailboards for all of your Windfoiling needs.
  • 2018 Horue Tiny Windfoil boards

    39% off. Horue Windfoil boards feature full carbon hulls with the lowest weight of any foil board. Includes: Board, footstraps, hardware and Ship credit.

    From: $1,595.00

  • 2018 Horue Eco 216

    41% Off Horue Eco 121 windfoiling board that's ultra light weight and fun freefoiling performance. Comes with foot straps.

    From: $1,199.00