Chinook Tug Cleat- 1 handle aluminum

Chinook Tug Cleat- 1 handle aluminum

The Deviator

The Deviator

Maui HookUp downhaul tool

A down Haul tool that holds your line in place with a simple loop and go method. No more jammed lines.
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Maui HookUp - A user friendly Down Haul - Rigging Tool
The Maui HookUp is the fast, easy way to downhaul sails. It was developed on Maui in 1996, with a patented cleatless system, that's easy to use and doesn't wear on your down haul lines. No more losing your tool in the grass because of the bright yellow color, no more strain on your hands due to the wide easy-grip handle. This product works great and won't jam,slip or chew up your downhaul line!

- Twin Stainless hooks.
- Composite tubing shaft.
- Bright yellow grips make it easy to find and hard to loose.
- Attach quickly and securely to your downhaul line.
- Give you a powerful two handed grip.
- Position and reposition so easily that you’ll want to take more pulls in your most powerful range of motion.
- Give you more control when tuning.
- Never break or wear out.
- Line never jams after downhauling!

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