Inflatable Wind SUP Cross Over Packages

Inflatable Wind SUP Cross Over Packages

The Inflatable Wind-SUP Crossover complete packages are ideal for persons and families looking for complete packages that address windsurfing and standup paddling activities and are easily transportable. The windsup inflatable aspect allows for a very compact SUP that requires little space for storage or transport. The board, board parts and pump all fit inside a backpack type of bag making ideal for travel. All of our rig options are relatively compact b4 assembly as well. The complete packages include a choice of inflatable board, an adjustable SUP paddle, SUP leash, and complete windsurfing rig options to fit your personal needs, skills and budget. Inflatable windsup boards from Starboard, Naish and RRD, and complete rigs from RRD. Windsup Inflatable crossover packages insure fun for all - with or without wind!

The Complete Inflatable Windsup packages include: Inflatable Cross-over Board, Windsurf Rig, SUP adjustable paddle, and leash. Our large selection and options will provide new comers, experienced windsurfers and paddlers with great choices to fit all your price range and performance needs. We offer boards from Starboard.. Sails, rigs and paddles are from RRD and Starboard.

Important features to note of the Inflatable Windsup boards we offer. They include a back pack style carrying case, fins and daggerboard system (if feature of board), and include a pump with a built in gauge to provide accurate inflation. It is important to inflate these properly, as they require 18 psi of air pressure. to provide you with the best performance qualities in either SUP paddling or Windsurfing modes. Windsurfing Rigs can be attached through an insert attachment on deck of the board. Starboard uses a unique clipper box daggerboard system. Inflatable board construction is high quality, built in tough and durable 6" drop-stitched fabric with a large EVA deck pad area. The stiffness and strength is achieved through thick drop-stitched fabric to provide a rigid feel.
  • 2019 Starboard Touring Inflatable WindSUP Zen Package

    SOLD OUT - 2020 available soon! Tour Windsup Inflatable targets maximum glide and efficiency for paddling and windsurfing. Welded Technology. Two Compact Rig options = easily transportable. Includes: Board, Rig, Paddle, Leash.

    From: $1,899.00