JP Australia Boards

JP Australia Boards

JP Australia is Jason Polakow's signature series windsurfing board line-up. Jason Polakow is a two-time world wave sailing champion. He started his signature series board line in 1997 with a focus on Wave and Freeride boards in wood sandwich and double sandwich technology construction. He has since grown his brand into one of the top industry leaders in the wave, freestyle wave, freestyle, freemove, freeride, slalom and entry level categories. Jason still charges wave sailing locations all over the world and offers an extensive line-up of boards to fit a wide range of rider needs.

Isthmus Sailboards has been carrying JP-Australia boards since Jp's beginnings in 1997. We have seen the product line increase and grow from it's semi-custom wave board beginning to an all inclusive line-up of offerings. We carry JP: Freestyle Wave, All-Ride, XciteRide Plus, Super Sport, SuperlightWind, Explorer and Funster boards and more to come...Contact Isthmus Sailboards for any and all of your JP Board needs or interests. We'll be happy to investigate getting you a board if we don't have it or carry the model you are interested in.

The Freerstyle wave is a fast and loose board favoring high winds and wave sailing type conditions. All-Ride is a fast bump-n-jump freeride design that is ideal for medium to strong wind conditions. The X-citeRide Plus is a freeride design that is fast and easy to jibe while favoring medium to moderately strong winds. The SuperSport is a Fast freeride board that approaches the speeds of a slalom race board with a more forgiving ride and jibing quality. The SuperlightWind is a early planing free formula design that excels in light-wind planing and large sail use. The Explorer is a modern transitioning board that embraces a narrower parallel rail hull design and a daggerboard for touring, learning and footstrap use transitioning qualities with a full EVA deck. The Funster targets learning and stability to bring success in windsurfing to wide variety of riders.
  • 2019 JP Super Ride

    20 - 25% off. New freeride design for all round freeride performance of speed, easy jibing and comfort. FWS and Pro Constructions.

    From: $1,663.00

  • 2020 JP Magic Ride

    In stock All new Magic Rides – improved handling, faster and maneuver oriented freeriding. Pro, FWS and ES constructions.

    From: $1,999.00

  • 2020 JP Magic Ride EVA Family

    In stock A progressive freeride transition board with easy handling and performance for the family. Center fin system aids learning. Epoxy construction.

    From: $1,549.00

  • 2020 JP Funster Sport EVA

    In stock This board is ideal for sporty entry to progressive riders. Daggerboard w/performance fin & Full EVA padded deck. ES construction.

    From: $1,599.00

  • 2020 JP Foil IPR

    This model is ideal for Wind, SUP and Wing Foiling! Very versatile and easy to ride. Long track boxes and inserts for footstrap mounts. IPR tech construction.

    From: $1,549.00

  • 2019 JP Magic Ride

    20% off. These 2nd generation freemove boards are fast, lively and easy to jibe – yet easy to ride. FWS & Pro Constructions.

    From: $1,663.00

  • 2019 JP Hydrofoil

    33% off. New 120 & 150 Hydrofoil boards from JP –target higher wind or PWA race foiling performance. Pro and FWS constructions.

    From: $1,645.00

  • 2019 JP Magic Ride FAMILY

    27% off. A great freeride board from first timers to progressing intermediates. Center removable fin, large Eva deck surface. ES construction.

    From: $1,199.00

  • 2019 JP Funster Sport

    20% off. This board is ideal for sporty entry to progressive riders. Daggerboard and Performance fin w/Full EVA padded deck. ASA construction.

    From: $1,391.00