NPWA20F414 - Neil Pryde Armor Skin 3-Finger Mitt 5mm



Category: Wetsuit Accessories – Mitts

NP - 3-Finger Mitt – Ideal for cold water.
These NP Mitts are ideal for cold water use. Very warm and pre-curved shape to make these comfortable and easy to hold onto booms. Constructed in 5mm Armor Skin neoprene material benefits the user by allowing easy compression while minimizing seam construction. These NeilPryde Gloves are purpose-made having the high tension in mind that hands of riders have to endure when holding on to a boom (windsurf) or bar (kite).Used and tested by Isthmus staff to verify performance qualities.
Thickness: 5mm
Yamamoto neoprene
Armor skin neoprene
Glued and Blind-stitched (GBS) seams
Elastic wrist fasteners
Pre-bent fingers

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Neil Pryde Armor Skin 3-Finger Mitt 5mm

Warm and comfortable 5mm 3-finger cold water Mitts that work!
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