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Neil Pryde RS: FLIGHT F4 Carbon Foil - No-Compromise ultimate performance
The RS: Flight F4 is Neil Pryde's top of the line offering and an evolution of the proven F4 Windfoil design that is dominating the race / competition side of windfoiling. The F4 foil is very stiff with incredible low drag ratio allowing the rider to maximize efficiency and take advantage of every gusts for acceleration. Single Piece mast/fuselage t- construction: using only solid 100% Carbon Pre-preg fiber layup with continuous unidirectional fibers connecting the shaft (mast) to the fuselage. This single piece Mast and Fuselage in T-Construction provides smooth radius intersection points for drag reduction and minimal turbulence, while also delivering the strength to weight ratio. The F4 Carbon foil will include two changeable front wings modifying flight modes: the High Lift Wing combines early take off and exceptional upwind performance with excellent stability, while the High Speed Wing delivers maximum speed and acceleration.

- Mast and Fuselage – carbon fiber
- 2 x's Wings = light wind and high speed – Carbon fiber
- Single piece solid carbon mast/ fuselage T-Construction with continuous carbon fibers.
- Smooth radius intersection points between mast and fuselage, reducing drag while increasing strength through well distributed loading points.
- Integrated tail-fuselage connection with screw-adjustable tail trim angle: minimizes the drag & provides a very strong connection.
- Tail trim angle allows for +/- 1.5 degree (total 3degree) adjustability
- Bolts: Seven stainless steel bolts for maximum strength to weight ratio while preventing any corrosion problems.
- Perfectly blended fuselage to wing connection reducing drag while providing wide saddle for the wings to sit on: crucial for lateral strength.
- Deep Tuttle Base:Integrated carbon Deep Tuttle Base for maximum strength, elimination of movement and perfect load transfer.

Mast: 950mm
High Lift Wing span: 800mm
High Speed wing span: 590mm
Tail wing span: 380mm
Base: Integrated carbon Deep Tuttle

High pressure moulded - 100% Carbon Pre-preg



Neil Pryde RS Flight F4 Foil (carbon)

Now $1469 free ship* RS F4 Foil is NP's premium Carbon foil that targets ultimate windfoiling performance. Includes light wind & high wind front wings *In the continental USA only.

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