Performance Longboards

Performance Longboards

Performance Longboard windsurfing designs maximize windsurfing in light to moderate wind conditions. Our Longboard offerings include boards from, Kona, Starboard, RRD, and Exocet. These boards are typically 11 feet to 12'6" in length under 28 inches wide and include large surface daggerboards and a few models have sliding mast track options. This design combination helps maximize upwind pointing capabilities and speed. They're great for cruising around, exploring, light wind freestyle, recreational racing, and in some case provide excitement of small wave riding. When the wind conditions are light to moderate strength, these board options fill the high wind void.
  • Kona One Club

    New "Club" offering ā€“ the same multi-purpose board equiped with a more user friendly plastic daggerboard and smaller fin.

    From: $1,299.00

  • Kona One

    Multi-purpose board performance. Blends freeride, freestyle, racing & SUP elements into one great board.

    From: $1,599.00

  • RRD Longrider V3

    New V3 is ideal to rekindle your light to moderate wind fire to windsurf, with this versatile performance long board.

    From: $1,649.00

  • Kona Carb One 220

    Carbon Kona One with a sliding mast track is the ultimate in cross-over longboard performance.

    From: $2,999.00

  • 2017 Kona One Club Package

    New "Club" offering ā€“ the same multi-purpose board with a plastic daggerboard and smaller fin. Includes; board, rig and $75 ship credit.

    From: $1,799.00

  • Kona One Package

    SAVE UP TO $400. A multi-purpose performance longboard package, combines freeride and long board excitement with performance rig options. Includes $75 ship credit.

    From: $2,334.00

  • RRD Longrider V3 Package

    V3 is a versatile performance long board ideal for light to moderate wind conditions. Sold complete w/rig options and $75 ship credit.

    From: $2,580.00

  • 2016 Starboard Phantom Race 377

    Closeout. Race Board World Champion 7x'sā€“ the 377 is the benchmark in long board race performance.

    From: $3,299.00