Progressive Freeride

Progressive Freeride

Progressive Freeride windsurfing board designs target intermediate skilled windsurfers seeking their first shortboard, or lower volume boards without daggerboards. These boards provide a sporty, forgiving ride with a broad range of performance. They're comfortable, user friendly, durable and fun to sail, while providing accessible foot strap use, early planing and easy jibing performance that is essential to developing short board skills. We offer progressive freeride boards from RRD, Starboard, Bic, Jp and Exocet.
  • 2017 Bic Techno

    Classic progressive freeriding performance with foiling capable fin box. Durable and strong at value friendly price.

    From: $1,099.95

  • 2017 RRD Fire Move E-Tech V3

    This New V3 wide body freemove series from RRD delivers improved speed, jibing and comfort in chop and still amazingly easy & accessible performance. E-Tech.

    From: $1,449.00

  • 2017 Starboard Atom IQ

    These Freemove Freeride boards deliver fun maneuverability, control and efficiency throughout a huge wind range.

    From: $1,469.00

  • 2017 RRD 360 Evolution Dagger V4

    A compact freeride board with a daggerboard & EVA deck. Ideal for lightweight beginners or intermediates desiring daggerboard option.

    From: $1,399.00

  • 2017 Starboard GO Windsurfer

    New designs, features and constructions for easier access to planing performance with a daggerboard.

    From: $1,599.00