RDM Windsurfing Masts

RDM Windsurfing Masts

Reduced Diameter Masts (RDM's), are small diameter masts that are built for maximum durability and strength. We offer RDM masts from PowerEx, Ezzy, GT, Neil Pryde, Severne and Chinook. They are the favored mast for wave and high wind sailing conditions. They have an inner diameter of 1.5" (38mm), are 2-piece masts, require use of skinny extensions and available in 310 - 490 cm lengths. Rdm masts come in 2 construction types: Epoxy or Carbon. Epoxy will favor entry level sailors who like to grasp a small diameter mast thru the learning process. Carbon rdm masts are available in 60-100% carbon options. The higher the carbon content equals lighter, more responsive mast & rig performance.
  • Ezzy Performance RDM 90

    The perfect blend of RDM performance & durability. 91% carbon. Includes mastbag.

    From: $456.00

  • 2017 GT C60 RDM CC 64/76

    This 60% RDM mast has a 64/76 mast bend that's ideal for the widest range of sail brand compatibility and dependable mast performance.

    From: $259.00

  • 2017 GT C90 RDM CC 64/76

    This 90% RDM mast has a 64/76 mast bend that's ideal for optimal sail performance and the widest range of sail brand compatibility.

    From: $369.00

  • Chinook Carbon 60 RDM

    60% carbon RDM constant curve masts are ideal for progressing to intermediate riders and sails.

    From: $249.00

  • Chinook Carbon 90 RDM

    90% carbon RDM constant curve masts. Light weight and ideal for intermediate to advanced riders and sails.

    From: $355.00

  • Ezzy RDM 90 Section

    Options to purchase RDM mast sections only. Top or bottom sections to maximize Ezzy sail performance.

    From: $228.00

  • Ezzy RDM XT 60

    New RDM mast from Ezzy is 60% carbon and perfect for Ezzy sails. Durable, interchangeable sections and excellent value

    From: $281.00

  • Ezzy RDM XT 60 Section

    New RDM XT mast sections from Ezzy are 60% carbon and interchangeable with all Ezzy masts back to yr. 2000.

    From: $140.50

  • GT HT75 RDM

    $100 off all sizes. Performance 75% carbon RDM HT mast. High quality Italian construction and value.

    From: $249.00

  • Powerex Wind-preg 85 RDM

    $382 for last 400cm. 85% carbon RDM with Windpreg technology, integrated ferrule and 2 yr warranty.

    From: $382.00

  • Powerex RDM 85

    $329 for last 400cm. Most bomber RDM Ho'okipa wave mast available that's 85% carbon prepreg with carbon-polymer boom area.

    From: $369.00

  • Ezzy RDM Padded Mast Bag

    Ezzy Padded mast bag for RDM mast's only.

    From: $30.00

  • Gaastra Windsurfing Mast Bag

    Nicely padded and detailed windsurfing mast bags. Each size fits two length masts. 370-400, 430-460, 490-520

    From: $30.00