Windsurfing Boards Recreational Family

Windsurfing Boards Recreational Family

Entry Level / Recreational / Family windsurfing boards are ideal for learning to windsurf and assure rapid progression to intermediate skill levels and beyond. We offer boards by RRD, Fanatic, Starboard, JP, Exocet, Bic and and more. Each model offers a high degree of stability proportionate to its size and features a dagger board to aid in stability, light wind and upwind performance. They are designed for use in a wide range of wind conditions and many feature a durable plastic outer skin construction for added durability. Our board pricing accommodate a wide range of windsurfing needs, goals and budgets.
  • 2016 Bic Beach 175D

    Final closeout. Entry level compact design that's easy to ride, compact and ultra durable – ideal for small to mid weight riders.

    From: $699.95

  • 2017 Bic Beach 160D

    This new compact size targets light weight beginners to advanced riders seeking a durable cost effective solution. New Tough-Tec construction.

    From: $899.95

  • 2017 Bic Beach 185D

    This new size is easy to ride, ultra durable and ideal for rapid skill progression. New Tough-Tec construction.

    From: $949.95

  • 2017 Bic Beach 225D

    This new high volume design is easy to ride and ultra durable – ideal for learning. New Tough-Tec construction.

    From: $999.95

  • 2016 Bic Techno 205D

    Reduced. A fun board that is easy to ride, fast and versatile. This popular board provides great value and performance.

    From: $1,079.00

  • 2016 RRD Easy Ride Softskin V3

    Closeout. Popular design for fun and easy windsurfing. Great boards for rapid skill progression for everyone.

    From: $1,099.00

  • Kona Step One

    Final closeout. An "all round fun Longboard" that's a Kona shape and a blast to sail! Simplified graphics and ASA daggerboard.

    From: $1,099.00

  • 2016 Bic Nova 240D

    Reduced. A high volume fun board that is easy to ride and progress on, a great value in durable Ace-Tec construction.

    From: $1,189.00

  • 2016 Starboard Rio Medium

    Closeout. This entry-level and progressive windsurfing board is easy to learn on, glides fast and planes easily.

    From: $1,292.00

  • 2017 Bic Techno 160D

    Perfect for smaller riders or those seeking to transition into smaller board performance with a daggerboard.

    From: $1,299.95

  • 2017 Bic Techno 185D

    This recreational performance board delivers an exciting ride to a wide range of skill levels. Light weight yet durable ASA construction.

    From: $1,349.95

  • 2017 Bic Techno 240D

    This board targets beginners to intermediates with extra volume and width for larger riders. Light and durable ASA construction.

    From: $1,399.95

  • 2017 Starboard Rio

    This unique Longtail design promotes easy gliding and planing qualities to foster excellent performance for both new windsurfers and established riders a like.

    From: $1,450.00

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  • 2017 Fanatic Viper Soft Deck

    The Viper board is ideal for entry to intermediate windsurfers looking for easy learning success and advanced skill development.

    From: $1,499.00

  • 2017 Tabou Bullit 185

    This board targets mid-weight riders looking for entry level, fun and rapid progression ride with easy learning. AST construction.

    From: $1,450.00

  • Kona Hula

    This new design targets both entry windsurfing to rapid intermediate progression. AST w/ full EVA deck pad.

    From: $1,495.00

  • 2017 RRD 360 Evolution Dagger V4

    A compact freeride board with a daggerboard & EVA deck. Ideal for lightweight beginners or intermediates desiring daggerboard option.

    From: $1,579.00

  • 2017 Starboard GO Windsurfer

    New designs, features and constructions for easier access to planing performance with a daggerboard.

    From: $1,599.00

  • 2017 JP Explorer

    This board is ideal for sporty entry to progressive riders. New Graphics on the popular Explorer.

    From: $1,629.00