Entry Level/Family/Recreational

Entry Level/Family/Recreational


Entry Level / Recreational / Family windsurfing boards are ideal for learning to windsurf and assure rapid progression to intermediate skill levels and beyond. We offer boards by RRD, Fanatic, Starboard, JP, Exocet, Bic, Kona and Tabou. Each model offers a high degree of stability proportionate to its size and features a dagger board to aid in stability, light wind and upwind performance. They are designed for use in a wide range of wind conditions and many feature a durable plastic outer skin construction for added durability. Our board pricing accommodate a wide range of windsurfing needs, goals and budgets. We also offer all of these models in complete packages with a variety of rigs to suit any beginning to intermediate sailor. Complete kids rigs are also available. Want something different? Reach out to us and we will build a special package just for you.

Isthmus Exclusive Shipping Protection

Every board sold that ships from our warehouse is double boxed.

What do you mean you double box my Board?

Basically, we protect your board with an additional layer of thick cardboard on top of what is provided by the manufacturer. This exclusive process takes roughly an additional 25 minutes of time and $45 of cardboard to prepare and protect your shipment. We provide this service at no additional cost to you!

  • 2020 Fanatic Viper

    The Viper board is ideal for entry to intermediate windsurfers looking for easy learning success and advanced skill development. HRS construction

    From: $1,599.00

  • 2020 JP Funster Sport EVA

    In stock This board is ideal for sporty entry to progressive riders. Daggerboard w/performance fin & Full EVA padded deck. ES construction.

    From: $1,599.00

  • 2020 JP Magic Ride EVA Family

    In stock A progressive freeride transition board with easy handling and performance for the family. Center fin system aids learning. Epoxy construction.

    From: $1,549.00

  • RRD Evolution Softskin Y25

    Save $200 The EVO targets passive planing and forgiving ride ideal for 1st time beginning shortboarder to advance riders. E-tech construction.

    From: $1,599.00

  • 2020 Bic Beach

    These boards are great for beginners to advanced riders seeking durable yet fun boards. New Graphics! Tough-Tec construction.

    From: $949.95

  • 2020 Starboard Rio

    In stock This unique design promotes easy gliding and planing qualities to foster excellent performance for both new windsurfers and established riders a like. New Starlite constuction.

    From: $1,799.00

  • 2020 Starboard Go Windsurfer

    In stock Great for Progressive learning and exciting planing performance with a retractable daggerbaord. Performance fin and Starlite construction.

    From: $1,799.00

  • 2020 Starboard Go

    In stock New Go designs target progressive learning with a removable center fin sytem, to advanced performance freeriding capabilities. Starlite Construction.

    From: $1,699.00

  • Windsurfer LT

    Sale Price New modern version of original Windsurfer – a do it all windsurfing board that's fun for everyone. AST construction.

    From: $1,199.00

  • Windsurfer LT Race

    New school modern version of original Windsurfer – targets one-design racing performance that's simple and fun. AST construction.

    From: $1,449.00

  • 2020 Bic Techno 185D

    This recreational board delivers an exciting ride to a wide range of skill levels. New Graphics! Light and durable Ace-Tec.

    From: $1,299.95

  • 2020 Bic Techno 160D

    Perfect for smaller riders or those seeking to transition into smaller board performance with a daggerboard & New Graphics! Ace-Tec construction.

    From: $1,299.95

  • Exocet Link M

    Sale Price! Excellent entry to intermediate board for learning and progression. Targets smaller riders or advancing intermediates. ASA /EVA construction.

    From: $1,199.00

  • Exocet Link L

    Excellent entry to intermediate board for learning and progression. Ideal for families and schools where advancing skills are accommodated. ASA /EVA construction.

    From: $1,299.00

  • 2019 Starboard Rio Long Tail -Med

    This unique Longtail design promotes easy gliding and planing qualities to foster excellent performance for both new windsurfers and established riders a like.

    From: $1,499.00

  • 2019 JP Magic Ride FAMILY

    27% off. A great freeride board from first timers to progressing intermediates. Center removable fin, large Eva deck surface. ES construction.

    From: $1,199.00