Entry Level/Family/Recreational Windsurfing Rig Packages

Entry Level/Family/Recreational Windsurfing Rig Packages

Complete recreational Rig Packages target entry to intermediate windsurfing skill levels. Our rig packages take the guess work out of the buying process of sail and framework selection. We offer a selection of rig options to accommodate your needs, goals and budget for windsurfing. These sail options target easy rigging, durable and light constructions, and ease of harnessing the wind. They're ideal for light to moderate wind strength conditions, while their shapes enable enough stability for advancing performance levels. The complete recreation rig packages include options from RRD, Gaastra, Chinook, Ezzy, Arrows (inflatable rigs) and more. These rigs include all necessary frame work and windsurfing components to assemble and attach to a windsurfing board.
  • 2017 RRD Easy Ride Rig V2

    This is the perfect Windsurfing rig for learning and rapid progression. Easyride V2 complete rig is simple, easy and user friendly. Shipping included.

    From: $559.00

  • 2017 Gaastra Hybrid HD Rig

    Save up to $258 Complete Intermediate Rig package features Gaastra Hybrid HD sail, 60% carbon SDM mast, T-8 AL boom and more. Includes shipping.

    From: $887.00

  • Ezzy Dacron Kids Rig

    The ideal kids rig. Dacron version of the best kids rig on the planet, aids durability and visability. 2.0 & 2.5 size sails included in this kit.

    From: $324.95

  • Ezzy Monofilm Kids Rig

    The ideal kids rig. Light weight, nicely constructed & works beautifully! We have taught hundreds of kids on this rig. 1.0 & 1.5 sail sizes included in this kit.

    From: $289.95

  • Chinook Power Glide Rig

    20% off from $504. Ideal for learning, recreational use and light to medium air fun. Impeccable components, great performance and value.

    From: $504.00