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RRD WaveCult V6 – Wood Compact, quick & loose - Allround Wave
All New WaveCult V6 has four new shapes with a line up of 74, 82, 90, 104 sizes. The past two years was an incredible journey with RRD's development program, with endless possibilities and theV6 as a final exciting result. Influenced by a new line of short boards that appear to have their nose and tail cut off, and it’s what RRD now calls the COTAN board (Cut Off Tail and Nose). While they discovered lots of innovative inspiration from these short designs – the radically shorter length and accompanying wider tail and nose limited the “allround” nature RRD desired. So they worked hard to strike the best balance of short & wide outlines to achieve "allround performance" that is a historically a key performance feature of the Wave Cult's. Key features that separate the WaveCult from the competitors offerings is the refined outline and tail shape of the Cotan designs. Outline: the final shape combines a reduced length into smooth proportionate flowing lines linking the cut of nose, and relatively wider tail when compared to our the previous V5. The resulting outline is very compact without being excessively wide in the nose and tail that produces harmonious flow. Tail: RRD's “squared-swallow” tail enables the outline to be as parallel and straight as possible in the back section of the board. This increases the amount of the rail in contact with water during turns, giving the best grip and best possible drive. Expect these new WaveCult V6 performance to amaze you whether you are in on-shore, side shore or lake sailing conditions – True to their roots – Allround Wave boards!

- Wood construction.
- New shapes and design.
- Cotan board design (Cut Off Tail and Nose)
- Ultra compact shapes – 224-227 cm lengths.
- "Swallow Tail" maximizes grip and drive n turns.
- 5'x slotbox design – allows 3 or 4 fin set up preferences.
- MFC Slotbox center TFNC G10 16-19cm fin.
- MFC Slotbox side fins 10cm x's 2 thrusters
- DaKine/ RRD footstraps x’s 3

*74, 82, *90, *104
* special order only!

Wood - Single shot / wood clear deck & matt bottom

Wave Cult V6 – action video w/ Florian Jung:


Model Length Width Volume Construction Weight Sail Size
RRD Wave Cult 82 Wood V6


2017 RRD Wave Cult V6 Wood

50% off last 82 liter size. New V6 Wood will amaze you with all-round wave and bump and jump capabilities – a signature to the WaveCult designs.
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RRD Wave Cult 82 Wood V6
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