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RRD Easy Ride Softskin M

RRD Easy Ride Softskin M

RRD Air Evo Conv 10'4" Y26

Save $100 RRD Air Evo Convert is a 10’4” inflatable Windsurf, SUP and wing-boarding multi-sport board. Includes: board, bag, pump, + more.
MSRP: $899.00
YOUR PRICE: $799.00
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Board Category: WindSup Inflatable Multi-sport board

RRD EVO Convert 10’4” Inflatable y27 - Multi-sport Inflatable SUP / Wing / Windsurf board.
The EVO CONVERTIBLE line can become the perfect companion of your first windsurfing days. You can SUP this board as well as Wing board and WINDSURF on it. It is light, stable and easy to carry. It is also easy to stored and transport in its carry bag. Built only with the strongest and longer lasting and ultra light DROPSTITCH fabrics available today, the EVO CONVERTIBLE boards are the perfect choice for you and your family to start approaching Windsurfing and Sup with one board for all!
All the Evo Convertible models are equipped with one 35 cm wide “click-on” center fin system to stay upwind when windsurfing or wingboarding, and one standard US box fin on the tail of the board. The safety device chamber also offers extra safety flotation for any emergencies. The split crocodile EVA pad keeps the weight of board down, and the new diamond low-profile PVC tail pad guarantees best grip in case of radical change of direction.

- Stocking size 10’4”
- Multi-sport use inflatable: SUP / Windsurf and Wing-boarding.
- Full Deck Diamond Pad.
- Drop Stitch Technology.
- Ultimate inflatable technology with PVC fabrics on top and bottom and light drop-stitch body.
- Carry handle on top for easy handling and transport.
- Double action pump for fast inflation.
- Dry Pack repair bag.
- Safety Device Chamber for any emergency.
- Includes: Super Pump, Air Evo Storage bag.
- Center fin _ Click In model – for Windsurf and Wingboard use.
- Rear US 9” plastic fin.

Size / Specs:
Evo Convert 10’4” – 10’4” x 34” x 6”, 275 liters of volume

6” drop stitch - Built only with the strongest and longer lasting and ultra light DROPSTITCH fabrics available.
Brand RRD
Board Size Ranges X- Large (215-300 Liters)
MSRP 899.00
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