RRD24AWF - RRD Airwindsurf Freeride V2



Board Category: Windsurf Inflatable / Intermediate - Advanced

* We can drop ship this board direct to you from Italy. Please call for more information.

RRD Airwindsurf Freeride V2 - Inflatable Freeride performance!
The new Airwindsurf Freeride V2 is an incredible inflatable board that will make you excited about how quickly it planes, accelerates and reaches incredible top speeds! RRD has achieved a super rigid structure thanks to the exceptional experience gathered with their exclusive SDB or Sandwich Dyneema Belt that allows to make inflatable boards that are 30% stiffer than standard inflatable boards. The airwindsurf Freeride V2 features a built in tuttle box to provide maximum capabilities and strength to the fin box. This ITB or “Integrated Tuttle Box” system that is moulded and glued inside the board to create the same stiffness as a composite board. Rear fin by itself enables advanced level performance and control in stronger winds. Multiple foostrap positions allows excellent strap positioning options to facilitate accessibility and advance riders rear positions for maximum performance at speed. Also, an exclusive SPSP Soft PVC Sharp rail Profile with a hollow chamber provides a perfect water release off the board’s hull and rolls up perfectly and quickly without creating wrinkles on the TUE line. The construction is beefed up to withstand abuse and maximize stiffness for inflatable windsurfing use. The 3x SBS Sandwich Dyneema Belts provides maximum stiffness. Excellent windsurfing inflatable for learning and family use.

- Freeride performance for intermediate to advanced riders.
- Targets 4.5-7.5 sail sizes.
- SDB construction = 3x Sandwich Dyneema belts means stiffness and performance.
- ITB or Integrated Tuttle Box system eases easy planing and acceleration.
- SPSP Soft PVC Sharp rail Profile = best possible water release and improve start of planing.
- EVA Straight line grooved/brushed surface footpad for maximum grip.
- Mast foot insert for 1-bolt base connection point.
- ITB Tuttle box system.
- 1 x's K4 for RRD FANG 40 cm tuttle fin.
- Multiple footstrap positions.
- 4 x RRD footstraps.
- Double Action pump.
- Wheeled back pack = storage / transport bag.

Size / Specs:
260cm / 8'6" x 80cm / 31.4" x 12cm / 4 3/4" thick, 150 liters, 10.5 kgs/ 23 lbs

SDB – Sandwich Dyneema Belt – Prelaminated double layer DropStitch technology, Sandwich Dyneema belt, 70% Double Skin, TPB- thermoplastic Belt, PVC sublimated Rail belt, Sublimated Rail band PVC, 4mm Diecut Crocodile skin EVA pad, New Soft PVC Sharp rail edge on the tail to improve grip and glide.


Model Length Width Volume Construction Weight Sail Size
RRD Airwindsurf Freeride V2 260 80 150 Inflatable 24 4.5-7.5


RRD Airwindsurf Freeride V2

RRD's New Freeride V2 Inflatable windsurfing board that's easily transportable and delivers incredible freeride performance.


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