RRD24FM - 2019 RRD Fire Move Ltd V4



Board Category: Freemove / Freeride / Foiling*

RRD Firemove V4 LTD – Maximized freeriding freedom and maneuverability excitement!
The All new Firemove is another example of forward thinking and development of the freemove category of board design. RRD has been the leader and credited for the creation of the freemove category in 2011, that continues to be among the most popular all round freeride boards in the world. This new Firemove V4 continues to evolve the development of this category by improving the performance and versatility of this model with 4 new shapes. This design features a mix of "Retro Style" nose with a winger to round tail and modern wide maximum width. The rails for all sizes have been thinned out to further increase maneuverability and foot steering user friendliness. These changes enable the board to plane earlier, accelerate faster, maneuver easier and provide a lighter feel to the rider while traveling across the water. All sizes now feature a tuttle box (100, 110) or deep tuttle/ Foil box (120/135) system. The new 120 and 135 are "foil ready" designs to add another dimension to versatility and use. The 135 size will have a Firemove "Flight" name. It is combination of excellent freeride hydrofoil board and super early planing freemove board. It will have the most pronounced seed shaped / pronounced curved outline of all of the Firemove shapes. If you're looking for the newest and next generation of Freemove boards – the "New" Firemove V4 will provide riders with enhanced jibing control, speed, early planing, maneuverability, freeriding grip and *foiling ready (120,135 only) performance!

- 4 new shapes: 100, 110, 120, 135.
- 3 construction options: LTD, LTE, E-tech.
- New Winger / Pin tail.
- Retro style pin nose shape (135 only).
- Thinner rails – for enhanced grip and maneuverability.
- Foil ready 120, 135 sizes.
- Fin Box: Tuttle (100, 110), Deep Tuttle/ Foil Box (120, 135).
- Fin: MFC Liquid Pro G10 fin (36-44 cm).
- Multiple Footstrap inserts – 3 rows : inset, middle and outboard – optimize performance range.
- RRD/ Dakine Primo comfort footstraps – qty 4.

100, 110, 120, 135
100 = 232 x 68cm, 100 liters – 6.9 kg/ 15.18 lbs
110 = 233 x 74cm, 110 liters – 7.3 kg/ 16.06 lbs
120 = 234 x 79cm, 120 liters, 7.7 kg/ 16.94 lbs
135 = 225 x 85cm, 135 liters, 8.5 kg/ 18.7 lbs

LTD: with Biaxial Carbon Innegra fibers deck and glass bottom. Is improved with new deck laminate that reduces weight and increases impact resistance. Using 160 grams Biaxial Carbon Innegra fibers – is a high performance fiber where RRD mixes innegra and carbon layers for exceptional performance and a an exclusive finish look. Glass, biaxial glass and wood footstrap patches on the deck combined with Full PVC sandwich wrap and 160 gram glass with 60 gram glass reinforcement patches bottom over a EPS 15 core.


Model Length Width Volume Construction Weight Sail Size
RRD Fire Move 100 Ltd V423668100Semi Custom / Innegra Carbon Deck Glass Bottom15.185.2-7.2
RRD Fire Move 110 Ltd V423374110Semi Custom / Innegra Carbon Deck Glass Bottom16.066.0-8.0


2019 RRD Fire Move Ltd V4

20% off. All new V4 promotes easy, accessible performance, versatility and confidence in a freemove / freeriding & foiling (120,135). LTD Construction.
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