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Save $700 - 104 size! Y25 Freestyle Wave provides riders with amazing Do It All windsurfing performance in flat water, bump-n-jump and wave conditions. New Winger Tail shape. Black Ribbon construction.
MSRP: $3,095.00
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104 Freestyle W Blkrbn Y25
MSRP: $3,095.00
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Board Category: Freestyle Wave

RRD FREESTYLE WAVE Y25 Black Ribbon - The One Board That Does It All!
The new Y25 Freestyle Wave is your every day board. It's the most versatile board in RRD's range that you'll love to ride regardless of whether you're riding it in flatwater or waves. Y25 features a New Winger Tail design that enhances jibing and maneuverability. This board design delivers excellent planing, exciting ride qualities, fast freeriding speed all with great maneuverability, control to inspire Go For It confidence to push your self! The Freestyle Wave’s reference bottom shape offers an extraordinary feeling of comfort and accessibility, but then it reacts quickly once it is put into proper action. It adapts to all wave and flatwater conditions
 due to both single or thruster fin uses.
The details include: New Deck Laminates The outline with cut out COTAN Nose for a compact feel. Thin rails on the tail. Thruster fin set-up. The “Power Box” fin system in combination with the 2 side slot box fins, allows finding the perfect trim of the board depending the conditions or the rider’s style. K4 fins for RRD included: Single Fin SW on 96-114 sizing = excellent freewave, freeride or freestyle oriented sessions, New K4 Tri-Fins Shark slot 10 x's 2 & SSW 20-22 center power included on 78-90 sizes = to provide more grip or waves to ride. The Volume displacement has less volume in the tail and more volume on the nose, providing an amazingly well balanced board both in planing and non-planing conditions.

- Black Ribbon construction – RRD's Premier Carbon layup.
- 6 sizes: 78, 84, 90, 96, 104, 114
- New Winger Tail to enhance - Straight Rocker until the mid section and slight double concave configuration = fast and manueverable!
- All the boards come with the “Power Box” fin system in combination with the 2 side slot box to allow to find the best trim.
- Beautiful new graphics for each construction type.
- COTAN nose – more compact shape.
- Thin rail shape in tail.
- Slight double concave / V rail to rail bottom shape.
- K4 fins for RRD
- K4 SW Single Power box fin (96-114 = 28-32 cm)
- K4 Tri-Fins = Shark slot 10 x's 2 & SSW 20-22 center pwr included on 78-90 sizes.
- Power box center fin system – all sizes
- Slot box x's 2
- Slot box blank fillers x's 2
- DaKine / RRD footstrap x3-4
* 2x's Slot box fins not included on 96-114 sies.

78, 84, 90, 96, 104, 114


Product Specific Specs:

Product Manufacturer codeLengthWidthVolumeConstructionWeightFin
104 Freestyle W Blkrbn Y25 25FW104BR234 cm64 cm104 LitersBlack Ribbon14.5 lbs1 x single 3SW 30 cm Powerbox
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