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RRD FREESTYLE WAVE V5 -Black Ribbon; Ultimate lively – lightweight construction!
A new technology that allows to have the lightest possible boards under your feet and a superb distinctive finishing level.DECK laminate: 160 grams Biaxial Carbon Innegra fibers woven at +/45° BOTTOM laminate: 100 grams Biaxial Carbon fibers woven at +/30°

The new V5 builds on V4 generation with 2 new additional sizes, revised constructions all new graphics. A 78 and 114 size have been added to the LTD and new Blkrbn (black ribbon) constuctions only. ew deck lamination. LTE (replaces Wood) and isn't offered in the 78 / 114 sizes. All sizes provide a lively, free and super responsive ride qualities to your input. Whether you are jumping, riding waves, freeride ripping or going for aerial maneuvers the V5will allow the ultimate performance to shine through.

The details include: New construction. The outline has cut out COTAN Nose for a compact feel. Thin rails on the tail. Thruster fin set-up. The “Power Box” fin system in combination with the 2 side slot box fins, allows finding the perfect trim of the board depending the conditions or the rider’s style. New F4 fins for RRD included: Single Fin SW on 96-114 sizing = excellent freewave, freeride or freestyle oriented sessions, New F4 Tri-Fins Shark slot 10 x's 2 & SSW 20-22 center pwr included on 78-90 sizes = to provide more grip or waves to ride. The Volume displacement has less volume on the tail and more volume on the nose, providing an amazingly well balanced board both in planing and non-planing conditions. New Graphics / size options.

- BLKRBN construction – for maximum performance / efficiency.
- Now 6 sizes: 78, 84, 90, 96, 104, 114
- Beautiful new graphics for each construction type.
- COTAN nose – more compact shape.
- Thin rail shape in tail.
- Slight double concave / V rail to rail bottom shape.
- New F4 fins for RRD
- F4 SW Single Power box fin (96-114 = 28-32 cm)
- F4 Tri-Fins = Shark slot 10 x's 2 & SSW 20-22 center pwr included on 78-90 sizes.
- Power box center fin system – all sizes
- Slot box x's 2
- Slot box blank fillers x's 2
- DaKine / RRD footstrap x3-4
* 2x's Slot box fins not included on 96-114 sizes.

78, 84, 90, 96, 104, 114


Model Length Width Volume Construction Weight Sail Size
84 Freestyle W Blkrbn V52285884RRD's"industry benchmark" 13.23.7-5.3
90 Freestyle W Blkrbn V52296090RRD's"industry benchmark" 13.43.7-5.6
96 Freestyle W Blkrbn V52306296RRD's"industry benchmark"14.14.0-6.0
104 Freestyle W Blkrbn V523464104RRD's"industry benchmark"14.54.2-6.5


2019 RRD Freestyle Wave Black Ribbon V5

25% off. New V5 "Black Ribbon" full carbon layup for the ultimate in Freestyle Wave performance.
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