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Review of Kona One vs. RRD Longrider

Category: Longboard Performance / Crossover

RRD LongRider V3 Guaranteed water time!
This is a fun, performance longboard for all abilities to enjoy – without wind minimums. New graphics for renewed sytle for 2016. It is a long board in light winds and transforms into a short board feel once on a plane. This is due to unique features of its step tail design and compact volume. Ideal to ride in flat water, chop and wave conditions. It also functions well as a stand up paddle board - to guarantee you water time - regardless of the wind conditions. The Longrider is incredibly popular and one of the favorites among our customers desiring fun water time!

New Graphics.
New Finished / Polished rail (EVA deck)
Step Tail - for double rocker section, one for light wind and one for stronger winds.
Full EVA Deck - for comfort and pleasure of riding
Thin rail shape - for free feeling in maneuvers.
61cm Algeier Daggerboard
Powerbox fin system.
MFC Freewave 34 fin
DaKine/ RRD footstraps x’s 4

11'2" x 27.6" / 340 x 70 cm
180 liters of volume.

AST Epoxy hull with Eva deck pad.


Model Length Width Volume Construction Weight Sail Size
RRD Longrider V334070180ASA/EVA31.243.5-7.5


RRD Longrider V3

New V3 is ideal to rekindle your light to moderate wind fire to windsurf, with this versatile performance long board.
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RRD Longrider V3
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