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Board Category: Wind/SUP/Wing Foil Board

*These boards can be drop shipped from Italy to your door step (if out of stock on web site) for special ship fee of $199.

RRD Pocket Rocket – Compact Wind/ SUP /Wing Foil Board.
This Multi-Sport compact design is a truly innovative Foiling board. At a mere 180 cm / 70.8" / 5'11" it can fit into most vehicles easily for transporting. Super accessible and fun to ride due to its compact design. It helps foiling earlier, stays up foiling longer and with its 122 lts of volume, it perfectly floats when standing still. Not to mention the practical side of things while you pack up and load the gear in your car! It targets Intermediate to advanced level WindFoiling, is great for Strapless & harness-less rides. It is also great as a Wing-Foiling board. And also excellent for advance level Sup-Foiling usage.
"When we (RRD riders) first rode the Pocket Rocket 180 cm we immediately understood that we had our feet onto a new real jewel. The lack of a nose in front of the mast track, allowed to be more stable and keep foiling even in the lightest winds without the need of a big sail. It was enough to use a 5,2 Gamma 3 batten wave sail with only 10-15 knots of wind, having a blast."

- Ultra compact size: 180 cm / 5'11" length
- 122 Liter of volume.
- 76 cm wide.
- 2 foil box system for options.
- 2 US boxes for SUP or WING foiling.
- A FOILBOX box for Windfoiling.
- Unique carry handle on the bottom for easy entry into the water.
- Board handle on the deck.
- Special concave shape on the deck for a comfortable and performing strapless ride.
- The EVA deck features a crocodile skin texture throughout deck.
- Rear deck EVA has diamond groove texture= correct feel for rear foot position.
- 2 construction options: E-tech and LTD
- Recommended sail sizes: 3.0-7.0 (Sails or Wings).
- No Footstraps included on E-tech.
- 4 x's DK Straps included with LTD model only!
- No fin or foil are included with this board! Sold as Board Only!
- Fin Bolts - included for Tuttle box. (60/70 mm).
- Not included: Foil mount screws for US Box / Track Box.

LTD = L:180cm x W: 76cm, 122 lts. / 9,0kg E-TECH = L:180cm x W:76cm, 122 lts. / 9,5kg
LTD: Semi custom / Biaxial innegra carbon deck and glass bottom. The LTD is RRD's “industry benchmark” for high performance boards and is now improved thanks to the new deck laminate that reduces weight and increases impact resistance. The Biaxial Carbon innegra fibers guarantee an impressive strength and long life. By mixing layers of innegra and carbon we also got a superb distinctive look. The bottom is built with 5 mm PVC foam 100 Kgs/m3, covered with a 160 grams glass full length and a half bottom length glass layer.

E-TECH: Glass epoxy skin top and bottom. RRD's strongest technology, the E-TECH is made for those entering or starting windsurfing. Suitable for schools and centers that want maximum durability. On the deck it combines 2 glass layers of 300gr and 400gr together with the Wood 0,6 mm which is the most resistant material available. The bottom has a thick glass layer of 450 gr and reinforcements on both nose and tail for maximum impact resistance.


Model Length Width Volume Construction Weight Sail Size
180 E-Tech Y2518076122FWS20.94
180 Ltd Y2518076122FWS19.85


RRD Pocket Rocket Y25

Save $100 Unique pocket compact SUP/ Wind/ Wing-foiling design targets ultimate compact size Multi-Sport Foiling performance. LTD or E-tech constructions.
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