• RRD Compact Wave HD Rig

    $999. Travel Performance Wave Rig. Fits in a back pack for ultimate portable performance. Includes: sail, 80% carbon mast, boom, ext, backpack w/ wheels, shipping.

    From: $999.00

  • RRD Compact Wave Pro Rig

    35% off. Ultimate Travel Performance Wave Rig. Includes: Compact Wave Pro sail,100% carbon mast, 100% carbon boom, ext, wheeled bag, shipping.

    From: $1,349.00

  • RRD Compact Evolution MK1 Rig

    20% off 6.8m2 size. Performance Freeride compact travel rig. Fits in a back pack & includes: EVO sail, 80% carbon mast, boom, ext, backpack, shipping.

    From: $1,151.00

  • RRD Freefoil Y25

    30% off. New windfoiling sail from RRD. Designed to be fun, easy to use, lightweight and very efficient. 2020 sail design available now!

    From: $594.00