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Board Category: Slalom / Race / Freerace / Windfoil

RRD X-Fire V10 LTD – World Cup Slalom Performance / w Windfoiling capabilities
The new X-Fire is a product line of RRD's most extensive R&D design, in house proto-type board building and extensive real world testing to ensure delivering 1st place in world cup slalom overall results. The V9 is currently leading it's performance class in 2017 world cup slalom – but the V10 will push this performance even further. Notable improvements are the increased speed results in light and gusty wind conditions with easier planing and increased control through a broad range of slalom sailing conditions. Most notable are the new cut outs, and tweaking of bottom and rail shapes of boards to make already fast boards – even faster and more controllable. The 108 – 129 sizes are equipped with RRD's Windfoil box – making them an excellent choice on both fin driven Slalom performance and the exciting lightwind Windfoiling performance. These V10 boards deliver very complete performance with maximum speed, control and comfort.
Specific board size modifications on the V10 vs V9:
The 129 and 122 have a new volume distribution with a thicker area under the mast track which helps to support big sails and get planing earlier. The V10 has also been re-shaped on the rails and has a thinner nose to improve its fluency and capabilities during jibes.
The 114 and 108 have new cut outs to provide the fastest possible water release out from the back of the board. This improves the average speed and helps to get out of the jibe faster.
The 98 has been re-shaped on the tail with a deeper cut along the side of the board until 30cm to improve its top speed and acceleration and to increase the amount of control.
90 lts: is a brand new board that's basically a scale down of the 98. The V bottom has been tuned to give the board an excellent flow and an incredible easyness during jibes.

Features X-Fire V10:
- LTD CONSTRUCTION = RRD's most elaborate layups for maximum performance.
- Slalom Race and Windfoil performance.
- NEW CUT OUTS= dedicated cut outs per size to deliver the best performance.
- Modified Shaping refinements to maximize speed – earlier planing and control.
- FOIL BOX = Windfoil capable on sizes 108 – 129.
- Foil Box capable with both tu and DT fins and foil bases.
- Tuttle box on 80-98 sizes.
- DT / Windfoil box on 108-129 sizes.
- 4x's RRD Dakine footstraps included.
- Sold without fins (or foils).

Size Options:
*80, *90, 98, 108, 114, 122, 129
*Special orders only (non stocking)

The LTD is the most prestigious technology RRD's developed and improved over the years. This type of construction is based on specific materials arranged together to create the best cocktail of performance, strength and lightness. The LTD construction is a full sandwich board with PVC on both the deck and bottom to guarantee strength and lightness. The biaxial carbon on the deck provides lightness and improves the feel factor.


Model Length Width Volume Construction Weight Sail Size
90 X-Fire Ltd V102355990biaxial carbon13.15.0-7.0


RRD X-Fire Ltd V10

25% off 90L size. World Cup Slalom racing performance designs to put you on the podium.Windfoil box sizes for increased versatility. LTD Construction.
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