SHEFSP - Select Edge Free Slam Power



Fin Category: Freeride Performance – Power

Select Hydrofoils – EDGE Free Slam
This is an easy, high-performance and nimble hybrid ?n with an excellent performance to avoid spin out. Easy and forgiving ride qualities that's very comfortable in choppy conditions with hi-speed potential. The tip flex is Soft for comfortable riding and helps generate good lift. This fin will work well on a wide variety of boards from intermediate to freeride to slalom boards where comfort, control and excitement are desired. *Stocking tuttle base only.

- Pre-preg molded.
- G-10 / CNC Hi-precision shaping.
- Targets BOARD type : Freeride – freemove and slalom.
- DOUBLE CURVE OUTLINE This speci?c curved outline enhances maneuverability.
- BASE - Rigid fin base for stable power transmission.
- TWIST - Blocked twist for increasing the lift.
- FLEX - Soft tip for comfortable riding. Generates a good amount of lift.
- Powerbox base.

Box Type:

PWR = 37 / 39 / 41 cm
Technology: G-10 CNC Hi-precision shaping. Molded pre-preg process.



Select Edge Free Slam Power

A forgiving fin that provides comfortable, fast and easy ride qualities.
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Free Slam Power 37cm
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Free Slam Power 39cm
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Free Slam Power 41cm
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