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Black Project Wind Kraken PB

Black Project Wind Kraken PB

Select FX Free Carve Power

A 4WD fin that provides comfortable, easy ride qualities targets freestyle wave and freeride designs.
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Fin Category: Freestyle Wave / Freemove / Freeride- Power

Select Hydrofoils – FX Freecarve- Powerbox
This is an new 4 wheel drive bump-n-jump and free carve fin design with emphasis on quicker planing vs traditional bump n jump designs. The shape delivers a powerful grip to benefit Freecarve and freestyle wave boards between 85- 105 liters. It is ideal for bump-n-jump, freestyle wave, freemove and lightwind wave boards. Nice jumping qualities, with good grip and performance. This fin features: a rigid base for stable power transfer, a curved outline to increase stability and maneuverability, built in twist to increase lift, and Flex tip to for soft and comfortable riding and transitions. Great all round bump-n-jump / freestyle wave and Freemove oriented fin design!

- Pre-preg molded.
- CNC Hi-precision shaping.
- Targets BOARD type : Freecarve, freemove Freestyle wave, light wind wave.
- Curved Outline - to increase stability and manueverability,.
- BASE - Rigid fin base for stable power transmission.
- TWIST - Stiff twist for increasing the lift..
- FLEX - Soft tip for comfortable riding.
- POWER base.

Box Type:

PWR = 29 / 31 / 33 cm

Technology: CNC FR4 C = Hi-precision shaping. Molded prepreg process.

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FX Free Carve 25cm SHFXPB 25
FX Free Carve 27cm SHFXPB 27
FX Free Carve 29cm SHFXPB 29
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FX Free Carve 33cm SHFXPB 33
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