• 2018 Severne Freek

    Dedicated freestyle sail to optimize the performance demands of recreational and professional tricksters alike!

    From: $619.00

  • 2018 Severne Blade

    A no compromise all round bump-n-jump / Wave sail that's built to perform and last! Full x-ply construction.

    From: $739.00

  • 2018 Severne Gator

    This is a plug-n-play crossover no-cam sail targets freewave, freemove and freeride use.

    From: $679.00

  • 2018 Severne NCX

    A freerace no-cam sail for riders seeking speed, stability and wind range with minimal rigging hassles. Monofilm construction.

    From: $729.00

  • 2018 Severne Turbo GT

    This is a user friendly, powerful and light weight cam sail for freeriding. Monofilm construction.

    From: $799.00

  • 2018 Severne Convert

    User Friendly freeride no-cam sail that's light and combines dacron with x-ply construction.

    From: $559.00