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Slingshot 120 Wing Craft V1 Package

Save Over $950 A great Wing Foiling complete package for learning Wing Foiling and long term progression. Compact, Stable and efficient Wing-foiling board, with user friendly Fwing V1 foil and RRD Evo inflatable Freeride wing. Includes: Board, Foil, Wing, Pump, leashes.
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120 Wing Craft w/Evo Wing 4.5
MSRP: $4,239.42
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120 Wing Craft w/Evo Wing 5.0
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120 Wing Craft w/Evo Wing 5.5
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120 Wing Craft w/Evo Wing 6.5
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This package includes Board, Foil, Wing, Pump and leash

Slingshot Wing Craft V1 A compact, Stable and efficient Wing-foiling board from Slingshot!
The newest addition to Slingshot – the Wing Craft is a wingfoilers all rounder. Whether you're starting out to jumping to linking wave faces – this board will accommodate a wide range of abilities and desired volumes for present and future skill sets. A compact platform – this model is built built for pumping and precise foil control. It features a flat rocker, kick-tail, and width required for ultra-early take-off. Sprinkled in enough thickness and stability for the big guys to do a submerged knee start using even the smallest size in the line = the new Wing Craft was born. Carry handle on bottom side and both tri strap and offset footstrap positions to cover all types of rider types and strap locations. A quick release foil track design allows you more rapid removable and attachment of the foil to the board. The deck has a ¾ length EVA deck pad provides limitless traction and a stomp pad to keep you onboard.

Features: 6'0" / 183 cm, 120 Liters. Chined Rails. Bottom carry handle- for ease of carrying your board with foil and wing in other hand. EVA Deck pad: Grip everywhere you need it. Kick Pad for easy take off. Leash Plug. Multiple footstrap Insert Positions: 3 - 2 – 1 – 1/2 strap, or no straps. Box mount type: Pedestal mount Track box (two US box side by side system). Quick Release Adjustable Track Foil Mount: Allows you to slide your foil on and off without removing bolts. Includes: Board, Pedestal Mounting Hardware.
* Footstraps and mounting screws sold separately!
Size / Specs:* 6'0" x 29" = 183 x 74 cm, 120 liters (5.2" / 13.2 cm thickness)

Slingshot – Hover Glide Fwing V1 Foil – Wing foiling– made easy and ultra efficient!
Wing-foiling performance foil to maximize ease of take off, progression and foiling efficiency in lighter winds. It's designed to help you learn wing-foiling, progress quickly and make it easier for you to foil in lighter winds. Equipped with the massive Infinity 99 wing, boasting 2,371 square centimeters of surface area, it has the lowest takeoff and stall speed in the Slingshot range. The 99cm wingspan provides unmatched rail-to-rail stability and makes getting up on foil easier than ever. Combined with the large 48cm rear stabilizer the ability to pump and glide with this combo is exceptional.
Enjoy ultra-low-speed takeoffs with unmatched stability and glide thanks to the massive Infinity 99 front wing. 71cm aluminum mast keeps your wing in the power of the swell while providing ample flight range. The Shift Fuse gives you the flexibility to connect the mast to the fuselage in 2 different positions depending on rider preference. Hover Glide is a modular system with a wide variety of add-on wings and components you’ll never outgrow. Large 48cm rear wing provides stability and leverage for pumping. Neoprene wing covers and fleece lined travel bag keep your gear organized and protected.

Features: Complete foil kit. Infinity 99cm Carbon Front Wing, 48 cm Carbon Rear stabilizer wing. Carbon Composite Wing Construction: Stronger and more efficient. Safe-T Winglets: wingtips down, away from the rider = smooth and soft edge to prevent injury. Mast:71cm (28”) = Aircraft Grade Aluminum. Shift Fuse – 61 cm Aluminum alloy 2 position options. * New Four-bolt Pedestal Mount: For quicker attachment and removal process. Titanium Bolt kit for assembly. Neoprene Wing Covers & Travel Bag.

Foil Specs:
Mast 71 cm / Fuselage 61 cm / Front Wing 2371 cm2 / Rear wing 501 cm2 / Base: Pedestal Mount.

RRD EVO Wing Y26 – Innovative, Enhanced handling, Faster speed capacity
This new inflatable Wing design is loaded with innovation and performance features to enhance rider capabilities and performance. It’s a magical freeride / freestyle wing for all levels from novice to expert. World Cup riders appreciate it for its incredible maneuverability, stable power, speed, acceleration and precision. Novice riders will get addicted instantly for its incredible accessibility and lightness. The Evo Wing is completely functional and purposefully designed to provide you with an overall experience. 2 color combinations, orange and gray and specific sizes to cover more various needs and suit any conditions.
Features: The new long and wide handles will make you fall in love with the ease of use in maneuvers. We’ve separated the leading edge and strut bodies using a double inflate system which is 2 times quicker to deflate/inflate and optimizes the stiffness of the whole body. The arrow outline of the EVO cuts the wind in pace, allowing a faster and better cross and upwind ride and with the new large windows you will have ample visibility.
The new EVO WING takes you to a new dimension of riding.

Freeride / Freestyle Wing design. Multiple wing size options to choose from. Double Inflating / deflating system. 2 times quicker to inflate/deflate and optimal stiffness of the whole body by separating the leading edge and strut. Arrow Head Outline - enhanced handling and stability. 3 Long Grip Handles - easier in maneuvers. Wide Windows -wide visibility. New Light Safety Leash with neoprene wrist band. Delivered in a comfortable and user friendly cylindrical backpack. Color= Orange/black combo.
Sizing Options: 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 6.5

Slingshot Kim K Pump Tall and more volume for more rapid inflation. Valve adapters included. It features newly engineered seals and pistons combined with newly molded handle and feet offer improved ergonomics and inflation speed. Single to double-stroke inflation switch allows for instant change from high-volume / low-pressure inflation to low-volume / high-pressure.

Ion Coil Ankle Leash 10’ This Ion 10’ coiled board leash is great for SUP and Wingboard and Wingfoil use. Coiled feature keeps it from dragging in the water. Colors Grey/Black, 10’ max length, durable cord & neoprene cuff Swivel connection.

Pump and Leash substitutions of similar quality and price - may be made without notice based on availability at time order is placed.
Brand Slingshot
Board Size Ranges Small (100-139 Liters)

Product Specific Specs:

Product BrandBoard Size RangesSKU
120 Wing Craft w/Evo Wing 4.5 SlingshotSmall (100-139 Liters)SSFB21173P45
120 Wing Craft w/Evo Wing 5.0 SlingshotSmall (100-139 Liters)SSFB21173P50
120 Wing Craft w/Evo Wing 5.5 SlingshotSmall (100-139 Liters)SSFB21173P55
120 Wing Craft w/Evo Wing 6.5 SlingshotSmall (100-139 Liters)SSFB21173P65
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