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Video comparison Slingwing V2 to Dart V1– Wyatt Miller

Slingshot SlingWing V2

Slingshot SlingWing V2

Slingshot Wing Craft V1

Slingshot Wing Craft V1

Slingshot Dart V1

Save up to $250 New Wing targeting Speed, big jumps and tricks – takes winging to the next level. Incudes, bag, leash and patch kit.
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Category: Wings – Wing Foiling

Slingshot – DART V1 – New Design targets, speed, big jumps and tricks!
This new category of inflatable wings that's in a category all its own. The Slingshot Dart sets a new standard in wings. Finally, a hard charging speed machine capable of rocket airs and unlimited hang time. Push the Dart and the Dart pushes right back. Designed to escape the monotony of low power wings meant for cruising swell, The Dart is an animal all its own. Speed records will be set, hang time will be counted. If you are done drifting down swell and want to take your wing straight to the stratosphere, pushing boundaries in every dimension...grab a Dart and set your target.

- 5 size options: 2.5, 3.0, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0
- Color: Black/Green
- Wing includes: Wing, Back pack, Safety leash, Quick Start Guide, Bladder patch kit.
- 5 handles – strategically placed to enhance performance.
- Soft Neoprene under LE Handle: Prevents knuckle rub while luffing.
- Handles free from rough seams: For a smooth long ride.
- Y-Handle Wing Tensioner to optimize power, trim and upwind capabilities.
- Harness line attachment Pigtails = allows harness line attachment.
- Pump sold separately – and is NOT included. Kim K. Kite Pump recommended.


Size Options:
2.5, 3.0, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0
2.5 targets 30-40 mph winds if < 165lbs. 35+ > 165 lbs
3.0 targets 25-30 mph winds if < 165lbs. 28+ > 165 lbs

4.0 target 16 23 mph winds if < 165lbs. 20-30 > 165 lbs
4.5 targets 12-20 mph winds if < 165lbs. 15-25 > 165 lbs

5.0 targets 8-18 mph winds if < 165lbs. 12-22 > 165 lbs

Extra tough D4 canopy material that is matched with double leading-edge bladder seams allowing for higher PSI inflation and more added tension across the wing. The 4x4 Canopy material – light and stiff with proven rip stop capability. The Stability of the cambered dihedral design lets you harmonize the wind, body and foil into speed and control. Details Construction details addressed to minimize damage when getting rinsed in waves.
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