SSK18710000354 - Slingshot FWind1 Foil Powerplate Kit



Category: WindFOIL – Hydrofoil w/pwr conversion kit

Slingshot Hover Glide FWIND1 with conversion kit- Allow foil attachment to Powerbox fin box boards
This complete kit includes: - FOIL – Slingshot Fwind1 foil.
- PEDESTAL MOUNT Plate – AL by Slingshot .
- POWERPLATE – powerbox conversion mount kit.

FOIL = Slingshot Hover Glide FWIND1
Slingshot has developed a true progress oriented windfoil with the Hover Glide system. The Fwind1 foil package is designed and built for all round use that's easy, controllable, stable and provides early take-off performance. This windfoil design is so well thought out and customizable – you may never outgrow it. Combining an Aluminum mast with Carbon fiber wings and a patent pending fuselage called the Switch Fuse makes this foiling system easy to use, modify, fine tune and transport. The Switch Fuse design allows the foil to be configured in two different positions to accommodate varying board setups, rider preferences and skill levels. Upgradable Modular components allow you change wing sizes, mast lengths and even upgrade to all carbon components down the road. The Hover Glide Fwind1 includes; 35.5" Alloy Mast, Deep Tuttle mast/ board connection Pedestal, Carbon fiber front H2 wing and rear wing, Switch Fuse Fuselage, Titanium hardware, and a custom travel bag. This is an impressive design that targets a long term solution to your windfoiling growth.

*This Foil is compatible with Slingshots Flight School Kit program (not included) that takes windfoiling new comers through a progressive mast height system. This allows riders to start with low foiling height of 15" and work your way up to 35.5" mast height (Fwind1 length mast).

- Complete foil kit.
- H2 Wing Targets 8-18 knot winds.
- Durable, Affordable, Upgradable Modular Components.
- Mast is Alloy extruded from aircraft aluminum, CnC machined, tempered, anodized.
- H2 Wing set is 100% solid carbon construction, speed finish sanded.
- Fuselage "Switch Fuselage" patent pending design.
- Flat-Loc, Fuse-to-Wing Connector – marries wing to fuselage and eliminates load on the bolts.
- Titanium Bolts – precision milled – maximum strength.
- Deep Tuttle mast connection Pedestal with an integrated base flange.
- Custom Travel Bag – included.
- "Flight School" Compatible -Slingshots Exclusive Three Mast Learning System (not included).

Foil Specs:
Mast: 35.4" / 89.9 cm
Fuselage: 30.8" / 78.2 cm
Front Wing span: 27" / 68.6 cm
Tail Wing span: 15" / 38.1cm (approx)
Base: Deep Tuttle

Aluminum Mast- Extruded aircraft aluminum, CnC machined to reduced drag and eliminate vibration, tempered and anodized for saltwater resistance, the stiffest and strongest aluminum mast on the market, 2.5X thicker than the competition, designed specifically for loads that windsurfing puts on the foil and mast.
Carbon Fiber Wings - 100% carbon fiber, painted with sanded limited speed finish.

PEDESTAL MOUNT: Slingshot Hover Glide Pedestal- track system mounting
This pedestal allows the Hover Glide windfoils to mount to board mounting track systems. The 4 hole pattern allows you to mount this plate to any adjustable mounting track system. Ideal for some after market applications like the Powerplate Windsurf Foil Plate. Each Hover Glide pedestal is made from solid aluminum, and then precision cut using CNC machines. Each base is then anodized black to harden and protect the surface.
- Solid Aluminum
- 4 hole patten mount
- Tight tolerence for precise mast connection fit
- Ideal for aftermarket conversions for Windsurfing boards.
Solid X aluminum precision cut using CNC machines then anodized black to harden and protect the surface.

POWER PLATE: – Power box windfoil adapter plate
This custom made plate allows you to convert / adapt your powerbox board into windfoiling option. It's constructed in heavy gauge Alloy and includes stainless mounting hardware for Pedestal mount attachment. When combined with the Pedestal Mount and The PowerPlate makes it simple to bolt any windsurf board with a Powerbox style fin-box.

- The PowerPlate is made from 2 pieces of solid aluminum and includes an attached 3/16" foam padding for your board bottom.
- Use the included bolts to screw the PowerPlate to the 4-Hole Pedestal Mount.
- Mount to your windsurf board through the Powerbox using your current fin-bolt.
- Fore & Aft fine tuning can be done with the multiple mounting hole system. Forward = quicker lift, Backward = slower lift.



Slingshot FWind1 Foil Powerplate Kit

Hover Glide Fwind1 with PowerPlate and Pedestal adapter – converts powerbox to windfoiling option. Includes Foil, 2 adapters and padded bag.
SKU: SSK18710000354