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Slingshot Hover Glide FWIND 84 Custom- Lightest wind foiling capable foil
This Custom Fwind features the largest front wing called the Infinity 84 that's designed to make learning and skill progression easier then ever. Infinity 84 "Inverted Gull Wing" shape provides impressive low speed foiling, stability, and easy and fun jibing. As skills progress the foil will deliver tons of range, control and confidence at higher speeds. This 84 wing also features Safe-T Winglets on the tip to prevent injury and a new carbon composite construction for more range and efficiency. The custom FWIND foil 84 comes with a 36" mast for advancing skills and performance,*an optional 24" mast can be purchased seperately to make learning easier. This custom Foil package includes a Tuttle base Adapter and also includes a padded case. *The padded case mast section is short and will not cover the entire mast, while the wing padded section will fit the foil nicely. If you're interested in foiling in the least amount of wind with maximum lift qualities this Custom Fwind Foil 84 kit will not disappoint!

- Complete foil kit.
- Infinity 84 Front Wing - provides maximum lift, excellent range, stability and control.
- Durable, Affordable, Upgradable Modular Components.
- Mast is Alloy extruded from aircraft aluminum, CnC machined, tempered, anodized.
- Wings are New carbon composite construction.
- Fuselage "Switch Fuselage" - allows different wing positions for different performance
- Flat-Loc, Fuse-to-Wing Connector – marries wing to fuselage and eliminates load on the bolts.
- Titanium Bolts – precision milled – maximum strength.
- Deep Tuttle adapter with an integrated base flange included.
- Custom Travel Bag – included. *Mast cover designed to fit 24" mast length (so mast padding will be short).
- "Flight School" Compatible -Slingshots Exclusive Mast Learning System (not included).

Foil Specs:
Front Wing span: 33" / 83.8 cm
Chord: 12" / 30.4 cm
Surface Area (front wing): 813.38" or 2066 cm2
Tail Wing span: 16.25" / 41.7cm
Surface Area (rear wing): 123.6" / 314cm2
Mast: 35.4"" / 90 cm
Fuselage "Switch": 30.8" / 78.2 cm
Base: Deep Tuttle base

Carbon Fiber Wings - New carbon composite construction - more range and more efficient. Safe-T winglets prevent injury.



Slingshot HG Custom Infinity 84 Foil

The new FWIND Custom foil includes Infinity 84 wing. It packs incredible range, maximum lift, stability, ease of use and control.
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HG Infinity 84 Foil
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