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Slingshot Wing Craft V1

Slingshot Wing Craft V1

Slingshot HG Tuttle Mast Base

This adapter allows converting mast top to a Deep Tuttle base connection.
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Category: WindFOIL – Foil Hardware

Slingshot Hover Glide Tuttle Mast Base Adapter- Converts Slingshot mast top to Tuttle /DT foil box
Integrated tuttle base designed for Deep Tuttle boxes provides maximum strength and elimination of movement. Designed with an integrated base flange that transfers loads over a larger area of the board, not just the tuttle box. This feature is critical if you expect to use a foil with an existing board. A regular tuttle box is not reinforced to handle the loads of foiling. Uses M10 Threaded bolts to secure to your board. These M10 Tuttle Adapter Hardware not included.

HG M6 Bolt Adapters are sold separately and allow most boards M6 fin screws to adapt to the M10.

- Alloy construction.
- A large outer Flange to transfer load around fin / foil box.
- 10 mm threaded foil to board attachment points. (10mm bolts not included)
- 10 mm to 6 mm bolt adapters are Available – but sold separately.
- Fits Slingshot HG Alloy masts and Ride Engine Futura Alloy mast.
- * No hardware included with this adapter.

Slingshot Deep Tuttle head measurements:
Front max depth = 58 mm
Rear min depth = 43 mm
Minimum Depth needed to fit in your boards foil box. Board fin / foil boxes vary in depth from brand to brand.

Manufacturer code 18711002
MSRP 110.00
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