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Slingshot PFI 928/872 Lower Package V1

Slingshot PFI 928/872 Lower Package V1

Slingshot Phantasm PFI 730/872 Lower Package V1

The New Slingshot Phantasm PFI 730/872 Lower Package V1 is a modular all round windfoiling wing and fuselage set that targets maneuver-oriented windsurf foiling for user friendliness and performance. Includes neoprene wing covers and carrying case. Mast set not included – sold separately.
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Slingshot Phantasm PFI 730/872 Lower Package V1 – Windfoiling use - Carve, Jump, fly!
This new Phantasm foil lower set targets WindFoiling use. It combines a 730 front wing with a 400 rear stabilizer and a longer 872 Fuse. It is an ideal maneuver-oriented windsurfing foil lower package set that can be combined with a variety of different aluminum or carbon masts to complete the perfect foil for your particular windfoiling needs and experience level.
The PFI 730 front wing is a polished, refined and scaled-down version of our most popular wing to date, the Infinity 76. It delivers better pumping, better jumping, higher top speed and tighter radius carves, all while retaining that shaped-in down-force in the wingtips, which prevents you from over-foiling at high speed. The 872 Fuse is the perfect blend of stability and re-activeness, and the PS 400 Rear Stabilizer gets going in light winds and delivers amazing efficiency.

Design Targets:
Perfect lower for maneuver-oriented windsurf foiling.
High top-end speed.
Built-in downforce in the wingtip to stop you from over-foiling at speed.
Incredible turning ability.
Extended flat spot for more lift and better pumping.
Safety winglets.
872 fuse for stability.

Phantasm PFI 730/872 Lower Package V1 Package set includes:
- PFI 730 Front Carbon Wing
- PS 400 Rear Carbon Stabilizer
- 872 Aluminum Fuselage.
- Mounting Hardware (Torx 316 Stainless steel).
- Neoprene Wing Covers
- Carrying Case.
* Mast kit sold separately!

- Modular Design – allows you to change out wing sizes to adapt to your growth and needs.
- Wind-foiling specific Lower Set.
- PFI 730 Front Wing: The Performance Freeride Infinity (PFI) 730 is a high-performance carbon freeride foil built for early lift and laying into turns.
- PS 400 Rear Carbon Stabilizer – Shimless: No Shims and no extra parts = no problem. Shims are an inefficient way of altering your foil's performance and cause unnecessary drag.
- 872 Fuselage: The Phantasm features a high-performance, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy fuselage that has been shaped and designed to offer unmatched stiffness and strength.
- Bigfoot Connection: The Phantasm mast to foil connection is over 50% larger than our competitors, this increased size makes it the strongest and most robust in the industry.
- Neoprene Wing Covers and Travel Case: Protect your foil whether you are simply heading to the beach or heading around the world. Your foil comes complete with both a travel bag and durable neoprene wing covers.
- Safe-T Winglets: No sharp foil wings here! Our designers focused the foil wingtips down and away from the rider making a smooth and soft edge that helps prevent injury should you come in contact with your foil. They also provide stability for an even more predictable ride.

Foil Specs:
730 Front Wing = surface 1456 cm2, wing span 73 cm, chord 25.3cm
PS 400 Rear Stabilizer = surface 280 cm 2, wing span 40 cm
Fuselage 872 = 87.2 cm length.

Carbon Wings – PU core and use a mix of unidirectional and plain-weave carbon and then a 3k twill beauty ply. Layup varies from wing to wing.
Fuselage –6082 aluminum – for maximum stiffness and strength.
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