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Slingshot Shred Sled V1

On Sale! The Slingshot Shred Sled is an ideal 3 in 1 board for Wing, Wind and SUP foiling. An all in one travel stick. 2 size options. Biax Carbon Construction.
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Foil Board Category: Wing, Wind, Sup Foiling

Slingshot Shred Sled V1 boards - 3-in 1 Foil boards - Versatile - Nimble - Wing - Wind - Sup Foil
The Slingshot Shred Sled models target 3 in 1 foiling capable boards ideal for Wing, Wind and Sup foiling. The 7’0” size packs extra volume (143 liters) ideal for entry to intermediate riders in a compact squared-off 7' shape, the Shred Sled was designed to be stable enough for anybody to ride while remaining a nimble foiling machine = VERSATILE / STABLE / PUMPABLE. The 5’9” version is more compact with lower volume (110 liters) to favor more advance riders from intermediate to advance riding skills = NIMBLE / WING / WINDSURF. The 7’0” size features beveled rails, kick-tail, and consistent width combine to provide super early release from the water. No matter what power source you choose, spend less time stuck to the water and more time gliding above it. Windsurfers will enjoy the freedom of un-strapped, laid-back style windfoiling, while SUP-foilers and wing-foilers benefit from the incredible power and efficiency of center-line strapped riding with an angled front foot. The 5’9” version Windsurfers and wingers will enjoy the tri-strap style footstrap inserts, while SUP foilers will enjoy the freedom of movement of unstrapped riding. Everyone benefits from the inset bottom carry handle that allows for easy entry and exit from the water that are part of both size options. With a Shred Sled in your trunk, you are ready to conquer whatever conditions the day throws your way.

- 2 size options: 7’0”, 5’9”
- 143 vs 110 liters
- Biax Carbon Construction
- 3 sports in one board design = Wing, Wind and Sup foiling.
- 7’0” favors entry – intermediate Wing, Wind, Sup foiling. VERSATILE / STABLE / PUMPABLE
- 5’9” favors intermediate – advanced Wing, Wind and Sup foiling. NIMBLE / WING / WINDSURF
- Both sizes are compact enough to remain agile and playful once you are foiling
- Flat deck for easy transitions and fancy footwork
- Windsurf Mast Track (7’0, 5’9”) – to secure your rig to board for windfoiling.
- Center line footstrap inserts with angled front foot for pumping-power and agility (7’0”)
- Tri-footstrap inserts. (5’9”)
- Built in grab handle on the bottom of the board leaves a free hand to carry sail, paddle or wing.
- Adjustable foil track – ideal for wing, wind and sup foil positioning to find your sweet spot depending on size, weight, conditions and foil choice.
- Bottom Handle = Allows you a free hand to carry sail, paddle or wing.
- Kick Tail On bottom (7’0”) = Aids in pumping the board up onto the foil. - Chined Rails (7’0)= Beveled edges on the underside give the board earlier release from the water and prevents edge contact when you're on-foil and carving
- Raised EVA Center (7’0”) = Get your feet on the sweet spot without looking down
- *Footstraps are NOT included with the Shred Sled boards.

Size / Specs:
7’0” = 213 cm x 76 cm, 13cm thickness, 143 Liter volume
5’9” = 175.3cm x 72.4cm (28.5”), 12.2 thickness (4.8”), 110 liters volume

Biax Carbon construction = Light, stiff and strong our Biax Carbon Layup starts with an ultra light EPS foam core wrapped with higher density PVC foam and then covered top and bottom with Biax Carbon. A PVC Carbon stringer runs down the middle of the board and is paired with glass-wrapped T-Stringers to either side, which provides I-beam strength.
Brand Slingshot
Board Size Ranges Small (100-139 Liters), Medium (140-179 Liters)
SKU SSFB221321

Product Specific Specs:

Product BrandSKUBoard Size Ranges
Slingshot Shred Sled V1-5'9" SlingshotSSFB22132159
Slingshot Shred Sled V1-7'0" SlingshotSSFB22132170Medium (140-179 Liters)
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