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Slingshot Tracker 7' Airtech Package V1

IN STOCK! The Slingshot Tracker 7’ Airtech package is a multi sport inflatable set for learning to Wing-surf, Sup and Windsurf. Includes: Board, paddle, fin sets, Pump and backpack bag.
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Board Category: Inflatable Wing / Windsurf / SUP Board

Slingshot Tracker 7’ Airtech Package - Fun / Multi-Sport / Progression .
The Tracker 7' Airtech Package w/ SupWinder V1 is an excellent inflatable multi-sport board for Wing surfing, Sup and windsurfing use. When the large supwinder center fin is installed – it is excellent for learning to wing-surf and maintain upwind mobility and minimize sideways drift. It also can be used for occasional windsurfing in this mode as the board has a threaded insert for attaching a windsurfing rig. Removing the sup winder center fin and the board works great for SUP use. From your first sessions with a wing or a windsurf sail, to hiking into remote locations for a gorgeous paddle, or simply as a kid's swim platform, the Tracker is everyone's favorite toy. Its lightweight nature and compact size will progress new wingers to easily riding upwind and gaining the confidence level of being completely self-sufficient. It’s a smaller and lighter weight inflatable SUP that’s ideal for hiking into beautiful paddle locations, and a perfect entry-level wing and windsurf board that would allow the whole family to progress and stay upwind.

- Perfect for teaching the basics of wing and windsurf.
- Lightweight and easy to carry upwind with one hand for a free hand to carry your wing.
- Great upwind performance using the sUP WINDer keel fin.
- The backpack fits board, paddle, and pump for hiking into gorgeous paddle locations.
- Inflatable board with rear fin and sUP WINDer keel fin to make riding upwind a breeze.
- Use the rear fin alone for SUP paddling .
- Use the sUP WINDer keel fin to keep you upwind with a wing or a sail.
- Tail and Nose D-Rings - For leash connection and towing.
- Carry Backpack - Easy transport for the board, fins, and pump.
- Threaded Windsurf Sail insert = for attaching windsurfing universal to tracker board.
- 3-pc Airtech adjustable paddle included.
- SupWinder Center US box fin.
- Rear US box fin.
- Pump with adapters for Board and Wing inflation.
- Carry Backpack Bag.
- Patch Kit.

Size / specs:
7’ x 31.5” x 6”, vol 220)

Paddle Specs:
3-Piece Adjustable Paddle, Carbon Composite Shaft, Nylon Blade, Weight: 2.1 lbs (940g)

6” Drop Stitch construction, multiple PVC layers for stiffness, durability and reinforcements. Also threaded mast foot insert, D-rings, handles and EVA deck pad.
Brand Slingshot
Board Size Ranges Medium (140-179 Liters)
SKU SSFB227002

Product Specific Specs:

Product BrandBoard Size RangesSKU
Slingshot Tracker 7' Airtech Package V1 - 7'0" SlingshotMedium (140-179 Liters)SSFB22700270
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