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Starboard Mast Set Aluminium V7 82cm Top Plate

Starboard Mast Set Aluminium V7 82cm Top Plate

Prolimit Slider FP Fusion FZ

Prolimit Slider FP Fusion FZ

STX iSUP Hybrid Freeride 10'6 Package

On Sale! - Save $550 - Best Seller! STX iSUP WS Freeride package is an inflatable windsup that combines SUP with Windsurfing. The Rig fits in back pack and is easy and forgiving to use. Includes: bag, pump, and paddle, Rig and components. FXL inflatable construction.
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iSUP Freeride 10'6 w/4.9 Compact Evolve Rig
MSRP: $1,899.00
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iSUP Freeride 10'6 w/6.0 Compact Evolve Rig
MSRP: $1,899.00
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Package Category: Windsup – Inflatable, Wind / Sup / Wing

STX iSUP WS Freeride 10'6" FLX Inflatable - Smooth and stiff: Windsurf – SUP - Wing
The Freeride series from STX combines SUP, Windsurf and Winging capabilities in a stiff inflatable board. We offer the iSUp WS Freeride 2022 in the 10'6" x 32". This all-around hull features a removable center fin for wind and wing use that aids stability and minimizes side ways drift. Remove center fin for SUP use for enhanced glide. The STX construction is ultra stiff, among the stiffest inflatables available in the market regardless of price. Designed for 15 psi - but able to accommodate 20 psi inflation. Mast foot insert is built into the hull to allow windsurfing rig attachment with a 1-bolt mechanical base (sold separately). The wide outline and stiff construction allows these boards to be accessible to a wide range of skills and rider weights and to perform impressive levels. Honey Grip EVA deck pad has multiple grip pads for you to easily identify where you are on the board by feel (barefoot). The pad transitions for more grip area for stepping back to turn, or positions relative to windsurfing, wing side ways stance positions. The construction is FXL Fusion Double Layer, X light construction that's exclusive on STX boards. FLX Feather Light construction provides one of the lightest inflatable boards on the market. This is due to Woven fabric that weighs less. It prevents the material to stretch and holds more tension. Nice Bag, Pump, Paddle and repair kit included with the boards. Incredible quality and pricing!

- Size 10'6"(stocking).
- Multi-sport use – SUP, Wind, Wing.
- Windsurf connection – recessed insert built in – to allow 1-bolt Windsurfing rig attachment.
- All-around cruising and small waves
- Stable and maneuverable, single fin plus + center fin.
- Wide outline, High volume nose, Deck leash system adds versatility.
- FXL Technology Extreme stiffness and lightness.
- New deckpad layout of CORE and HONEY GRIP plus kick pad.
- HONEYGRIP; smooth, grippy, maximum comfort and strong our well know EVA deck pad.
- CORE GRIP; stance area gripdeck with increased grip worked into the EVA.
- KICKPAD; all pure SUP inflatables boards have a kickpad for increased grip, steering and control.
- Stainless steel D-rings for docking the boards, for a strong connection with anything you wish.
- Storage deck bungee for your accessories (PFD, storage bag, etc...).
- High pressure valves. Up to 20 PSI, preferred 15 PSI.
- Double layer, fusion, deck and bottom.
- Ergonomic Neoprene Grab Handle.
- Both Fin boxes feature an easy to use Slider fin with securing leash.
- 2 Slider fins included. One for center and one for rear. - SUP Pump included: Built in pressure gauge. Allows pump pressure of up to 20 PSI!
- STX pump with fold up stands and vario handles to minimize size and packaging.
- STX AIR travel backpack with space for pump, board, paddle.
- Repair kit included.

Size / Specs:
10'6": 10'6" x 32" x 6" – 260 Liters, Weight: 9.15 kg / 20 lbs.

FXL Technology = Fusion Double Layer, X light construction. Exclusive on STX boards. FEATHER LIGHT construction The lightest inflatable boards on the market. Woven fabric weighs less. It prevents the material to stretch and holds more tension. STIFF, STIFF, STIFFER = A stiff board transfers the power into fastness, not into bending. Woven fabric weight stretch diagonal hold more tension.

STX EVOLVE Compact Rig 4.9, 6.0 – Ideal for learning and traveling.
This new rig comes complete with a choice of sail size and all necessary rigging. It's Compact design fits in a nice storage / travel bag when disassembled. When fully assembled it provides nice power in it's relative compact shape. Soft center of sail helps developing windsurfers feel the wind more and visibly see the sail billowing out when trimmed correctly. The sails 4 batten profile assists in the sails range and stability - while also being light and easy to manage. Designed for windsurfing and windsup use. The Evolve features a single rig with all components packed in one backpack. The 5-piece rdm epoxy mast and fully collapsible 6-piece boom make it all fit into a compact bag which fits in any car trunk. The Evolves performance and durability comes from intelligent material use and provides excellent value oriented product.

Size Options /Color: 4.9 , 6.0 / Blue

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iSUP Freeride 10'6 w/4.9 Compact Evolve Rig SXPI21F10P49CE
iSUP Freeride 10'6 w/6.0 Compact Evolve Rig SXPI21F10P60CE
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