Superlight Wind

Superlight Wind

Super light wind category of windsurfing boards feature the latest in Light wind planing hulls. These boards target 7.5-9.5 sail sizes to maximize early planing and fin driven sensations in 8-15 mph wind conditions. We offer boards in this category from RRD, Starboard, and JP. The Super Light Wind shapes incorporate narrower hull widths (90-95cm), narrower tail and less aggressive rail shaping vs Formula designs. They are ideal for windsurfers seeking early planing, excellent back and forth speed performance and more user friendly jibing qualities vs Formula designs. The Formula hulls emphasize maximum width (100 cm), wider tail and sharper rail shapes to enable rider's aggressive upwind / downwind performance and require greater rider input, are not as comfortable or fast on a reach vs. Superlight wind designs.

Isthmus Exclusive Shipping Protection

Every board sold that ships from our warehouse is double boxed.

What do you mean you double box my Board?

Basically, we protect your board with an additional layer of thick cardboard on top of what is provided by the manufacturer. This exclusive process takes roughly an additional 25 minutes of time and $45 of cardboard to prepare and protect your shipment. We provide this service at no additional cost to you!

  • RRD H-Fire Lte Y25

    Save $300 This is a light wind planing & windfoil board in one. It allows planing in very light winds as well as Hydrofoiling Ease / Control / Rapid Growth. LTE construction.

    From: $1,899.00

  • 2018 Starboard Foil 147

    On Sale ETA June 26 Starboard's light to moderate wind - windfoiling and windsurfing board in one. Technora & Reflex construction.

    From: $2,249.00

  • Tricktionary 3 Book

    This incredible Windsurfing book is important to have and study for windsurfers of every level! Volume 3 – latest and greatest instruction.