Travel windsurfing rig packages

RRD has created a new line of compact performance windsurfing rigs that fit in a bag that checks as a piece of standard luggage when you also fits in the trunk of your car with ease. These performance rigs come with 4-5 pc masts, 5 pc breakdown booms and beautifully crafted and created sails that will amaze you. You can fit 3 sails in one bag with one set of the trunk of your car! The Starboard Compact rig is a recreational rig that is beautifully executed delivering very good recreational performance.
  • 2018 Starboard Windsup Compact Rig

    $649 for 6.5m2 size. Ideal recreational travel rig for inflatable windsup / windsurf boards. Ultra compact and new size offering.

    From: $649.00

  • 2019 Starboard WindSUP Compact Rig

    New revised design makes these compact entry level rigs ideal for simplicity and travel. Sold complete and includes travel bag.

    From: $699.00

  • STX Evolve Rig

    These compact rigs are available in 2 sizes, are Ideal for learning and traveling & fit into a bag for ease of transport.

    From: $599.95

  • RRD Compact Wave HD Rig

    $999. Travel Performance Wave Rig. Fits in a back pack for ultimate portable performance. Includes: sail, 80% carbon mast, boom, ext, backpack w/ wheels, shipping.

    From: $999.00

  • RRD Compact Evolution MK1 Rig

    20% off 6.8m2 size. Performance Freeride compact travel rig. Fits in a back pack & includes: EVO sail, 80% carbon mast, boom, ext, backpack, shipping.

    From: $1,151.00