Wave/High Wind Sails

Wave/High Wind Sails

Wave and Bump and Jump sails are designed for the demands of high winds, waves and maneuverability. They feature robust construction, light weight sail materials and have higher cut foot profiles to optimize performance and durability. Most rig best on RDM and SDM masts, require moderate downhaul tension, and have only one batten below the boom. They are sails that rotate, depower and transition with ease. Common specifications include 3.2-7.0 sail sizes and 4-5 batten profiles. These sail features and designs optimize performance and ease of use in the most challenging wind and water conditions. We offer wave sails from Ezzy, Avanti, Gaastra, Neil Pryde and more.
  • 2019 Ezzy Zeta

    15% off. A powerful on-shore wave, bump-n-jump, high wind sail design with huge wind range and control. Light weight and easy maneuverability.

    From: $659.00

  • 2019 Ezzy Elite

    15% off. A 4 batten sail with tremendous range, durability and lightness. It's a Powerful / Manuever Friendly design ideal for wave – bump-n-jump use!

    From: $616.00

  • 2018 Ezzy Zeta

    35% off last 5.2, $200 less than a 2019. This versatile design is Light and responsive and ideal for wave, bump-n-jump and freeride sailing. Unchanged except for color from 2018.

    From: $502.00

  • 2019 Duotone Super Session HD

    20% off. This sail targets maximizing performance for freewave, bump-n-jump, wave riding and maneuverability. HD construction.

    From: $607.00

  • 2018 Ezzy Elite Demos

    $379-$408. Wave / bump-n-jump all-rounder that's a perfect choice for every kind of condition.

    From: $379.00

  • 2018 Ezzy Elite

    Up to 35% off. Wave / bump-n-jump all-rounder that's a perfect choice for every kind of condition. Updated for 2018 with split tack panel to get better warp alignment along luff and foot.

    From: $468.00

  • 2017 Ezzy Elite

    $369 - $379. New and improved wave / bump-n-jump allrounder is light, easy to rig and a more refined 4 batten sail.

    From: $369.00

  • 2019 Ezzy Legacy

    15% off. This is a freeride / freewave no cam sail – loaded with features, X-ply construction, Ezzy legendary build quality, design and value!

    From: $506.00

  • 2018 North Super Hero HD

    40% off. A universal 4 batten wave sail optimizing control and transitions in waves and bump-n-jump conditions.

    From: $456.00

  • 2018 North Super Session HD

    40% off. This HD sail targets maximizing performance for bump-n-jump, wave riding and freewave sailing control and maneuverability.

    From: $413.00

  • 2018 Severne Gator

    40% off. This is a plug-n-play crossover no-cam sail targets freewave, freemove and freeride use.

    From: $450.00